Auroville: Sadhana Forest

Auroville: Sadhana Forest

1st of May 2015, Friday

Sadhana Forest is a part of Auroville which is an ecological experiment.

Everyone wakes up early in the morning.

Who doesn’t feel cold, at 6am takes shower in ecological system, saving water. Morning gymnastic for sleepy youth and then we are getting divided into groups. One group takes care of the forest, plants trees, harvesting food. The other group makes lunch. Work’s only till lunch. Rest of the day is for international integration.

We have already got some friends from Izrael, Korea, India and even Poland.

We can go here to a small swimming pool where we can relax.

Here is also a big swimming lake called Madpool where we can swim, get free ecological healthy mask maded of mud and long relaxing walk.

In the evening we eat dinner and get relaxed with our new friends. On fridays people from outside Sadhana Forest come here to watch a movie about the ecologic plans of Auroville. In that time it can get realy crowded here.

Total madness, playing in mud, alternative beauty and truly Indian holy peace. đŸ˜€

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