All day out

All day out

May 2017

One day in may when the day was like any other my father said that we all are going for a walk down the hill to the Lakeside. We got dressed and by 1pm we were ready.

We closed house put shoues on. And went in new direction. One side of the hill takes to the city – I would say to its back – and other with more primitive road to the Lakeside, which means lakeside of the Phewa Lake.

By the way still on the hill we met our friend just right next to the shop. And he warned us that the road is terrible, almost imposible to cross. Obviosly he was on a bike and we were not. So maybe it was terrible for the bike because there are so many stones and mud. So not looking on the warning we went ahead. And it took us at least one hour to get down from the mountain.

On the way almost in the begening there was a road full of gigantic rocks that on bike are horrible. The way was going trough some houses farms and forest. But in the end it reached asfalt road. We laughed a little bit and talking took our time to the spot. We were down at 2:30pm.

Our first stop was small cafe, not even a cafe just place where you can seat next to a primitive table and get some drinks like coca, means coca-cola. We drunk there some juices and went ahead. Lakeside is a long road next to the lake, to cross it by walking you need at least half hour. You walk next to the shops and cafes. Shops are mostly with ecological clothes.

So we had a stop in restaurant which was led by one Russian women. There I had ocasion to try our lovely pielmienie. We had few bowls of them and some kind of salty toasts with cheese. In mean time my sisters met the daughter of the russian women and 2 small, cute cats. They were playing together. At that time there came big rain. After it finished and we finished we took our thinghs, said goodbyes to the young girl and continued.

We did walk till some kind of centre of Lakeside where we used ATM. After that we checked some music shops, looking for speaker. Mostly they were more electronical then musical. We had some ice cream and coffe in one small cafe, But by that time it was allready getting dark.

Somehow we did not bother and led by tasty smell we found our selfs in other restaurant. We ordered some chicken. And waiting, my sisters played with son of the owner which was some kind of ninja. Running around and making circles with poor dog he botherd my sisters. We got some drinks and ate very tasty chicken made by the wife of the owner. After finishing food my father seated with the owner to talk about politics and drink some alkahol. Long time passed when we decided to leave. We didn’t know what time it is but it was long after sunset. All children were already asleep.

Slowly we got ready and went home almost in total darknest. I was leading because my parents didn’t see well and sisters were half asleep. Easily found the road leading to our house. And I can divide our way on few parts.

First was the way with light got from houses around. I missed one turn. And when I noticed we got back and found the right one.

After we slowly got into the forest where was no houses, no light from the moon. It was full moon that day. And still we couldn’t see a thing. I was walking first but hardly sow the road, it was mud road. I had only see black and grey. The way was between cliff and mud wall with some mud holes on the way. And when the road was turning it was also hard to see anything.

The road slowly got out of forest on the open and there we had some moon light. Fom that point it was still a long way but with some light.

When we got home it was allready midnight.

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