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Samosa are fried dumplings popular almost in whole Asia. We made them in Poland, stuffed with meat, baked, not fried, according to the Uzbek recipe under the name of “samsa”. In India samosa is the most available snack stuffed with vegetables – most often potatoes with the dal. In Tamil Nadu they are tiny – maybe 5cm each, stuffed with fried... Read More
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Spices from Nepal

The purpose of this article is to present the most common Nepali spices typical of this country, along with their medical properties. Akhbare khursani Akhbare khursani is also known as dalle khursani, meaning round chilli is the spiciest spice of the world. The fully mature fruits are mostly shaped like cherries and are glowing red. Grown in households in Nepal and... Read More
Kathmandu Interesting places Nepal 


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It’s a big city and I have been only in the centre and north of the city. The place in the centre is called Thamel, it’s mostly touristic place and everyone knows where is it. There are many shops with hand made cloths and organic cloths. Many restaurants with all kinds of testes mainly... Read More