Salad made of cheese and fruits Food 

Salad made of cheese and fruits

One day we decided to buy many fruits, we bought watermelon, apples, pineapple and banana. I aimed to make some experiments on them and I discovered one really great recipe. I fried the pineapple, banana and apples and I didn’t think that it would be good doing the same with watermelon. But I did and it came out hard and not sweet.... Read More
Gajar Halva Food India Nepal 

Gajar Halva

Gajar means carrot in Hindi, Bangla and Nepali. This is a very unique dessert, very simple to prepare, popular in all of northern India and Nepal. We got to know it in West Bengal. Indians say that it is impossible to not add ghee to halva, as it will not have the proper aroma. Cardamon is added only by some Indians, many do... Read More
Omlet ala pizza Food 

Omlet ala pizza

Today I decided to make something like pizza and as my father wanted egg breakfast I took this oportunity. Preparation: Peel and cut vegetables in small pieces. Put on pan oil or ghee and add vegetables on a small medium flame and stir every minute. Put eggs into a small pot and add grated cheese, salt, pepper and any masala... Read More
Ras malai Food India 

Ras malai

My favorite dessert in India. Sweet and delicate in the same time. To make it you must do: Rabri – the sauce you put chenna into Chenna – means paneer Sweet syrup – to soak in the paneer Notes: To make chenna you can use ordinary milk If you don’t have the cardamom powder you can crush the fresh cardamom... Read More