From Goa to Tamil Nadu

From Goa to Tamil Nadu

Finally came time to say goodbye to sunny Goa and its beaches. We still had 1 and a half month till our visa finishes but we wanted to travel and do not depend on time.

Ticket to Chennai (Chennai Express)

21st December we had a train from Margao to Chennai, in Sleeper class, of course. It wasn’t easy to gain the ticket. Already week before departure, all tickets were sold out. We were quite unlucky in that case as one day before sell out we could have bought tickets but we were unsure. So the day after, we went to Agonda. We found there around 4 Travel Agencies and in each they told us the same thing; all tickets are sold out but you can buy RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket.


You can buy it the day before departure. You get the ticket but don’t get the information about the sits. Only 1 hour before outgoing you need to confirm the ticket on the station and you will get the sits.

They add a coach to the train and thanks to this there are few more places. You can’t cancel the ticket as the name says and if you travel with friends, be ready that your sits will not be next to each other.


Every Agency told us to come the 20th evening or 21st morning to get the ticket. We didn’t like the idea that we can’t get the tickets immediately, so we explored each agency till finally, we found one that sold us the ticket the same day just for a little bigger price. The ticket originally costed 655Rs. They wanted to take 700Rs for one. We wanted 3 sits so they said 2100Rs. After negotiations, we managed to pay only 2000Rs. Which means 666Rs for a ticket. Now, I know it looks devilish but it is a great price. So we got our tickets and happily went home.


We decided, first to take a bus to Canacona. We could have taken a bus straight to Margao but it is a long and tiring journey and we don’t admire travel by buses. Also if we did so, we would have to take a rickshaw to the train station and we want it to be the easier way. In Chaudi, there is a train station from which we have taken a train straight to Margao station.

The day before departure we got ready and in the morning we were ready and excited. In the morning, buses are going every 30 minutes so it wasn’t hard to catch one. In the bus, we sited in the free places listening to Tamil songs. After 15 minutes we got out in front of the road leading to the station. Opposite to the road were few shops, one was serving alcohol. My father didn’t hesitate and bought few, giving strength drinks. So we went with the bags on backs to the station.

Chaudi – Margao by train

Around 40km journey by train from Chaudi to Margao costs about 15Rs and a half price for a child, which isn’t half price as they call it but more (10Rs). Surprisingly it is chipper than a bus.

On Station

The journey didn’t take long and we were on station in no time. We still had few hours till train comes so we found a comfortable place and some of us left with the bags drinking cola and the rest went exploring.

It is a great experience to be at Indian train station. Filled with people, all kind of people. Sitting on the benches or with a big family on the unfolded blanket. Catching looks of the curious eyes.

On train

We confirmed the ticket and went on a platform where the train was already waiting. We found two of our places where we agreed with one man to change on sits. We got his which was together with our sits and he went to our sit which was few meters away. So we sat comfortably putting young ones on the upper shelf and bags under the sits.

We slept the night comfortably. The night in train is often quiet cold and we need few good blankets to survive it without getting cold. In the morning we ate breakfast mom had made the day before and drunk chay with it. In the train you will find people selling all kinds of meals but we like to prepare our own. After the breakfast we could only admire the beauty of all the time changing plains. At the same day 1pm we were in Tamil Nadu.

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