Sutkeri Masala – delicacy for nursing mothers Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Sutkeri Masala – delicacy for nursing mothers

‘Sutkeri ko Ausedhi’ – ‘Sutkeri Masala’ – is a nourishing and sweet delicacy, for centuries prepared for nursing mothers in the region of the Himalayan foothills. It is a extremely nourishing goody which is the variation of very popular Nepali sweet called Gundhpak. The word ‘Sutkeri’ means the mother who has just given birth to a child. The word ‘ausedhi’... Read More
Tamdi bhajji: amaranth curry Food India 

Tamdi bhajji: amaranth curry

Tamdi bhajji or amaranth herb with the addition of lobia beans – originally from the Goan cuisine. Amaranth does not have great crop requirements, it is available everywhere.Its sweetish leaves perfectly blend in with soft beans and a set of Indian spices. Amaranth’s herb is like a beetroot: if you want to keep the amaranth color – do not cover... Read More
2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar

The tradition of the Losar festival dates back to prehistoric pre-Buddhist times in Tibet. When Tibetans traditionally practiced the Bon shamanic tradition, a festival was organized every winter in which people offered innumerable incense to local spirits and deities. This tradition has remained until today as the annual New Year’s Buddhist festival. Tibetan calendar – according to which the Buddhist... Read More
Calamari in goan curry Food India 

Calamari in goan curry

Squids, of course, the best will be fresh, but I threw my in a freezer for two days. Nevertheless, they turned out to be excellent. We have made them in our version of the Goan curry. The dish is so specific and original in taste that it leaves a great field to modify the composition. From the wide range of... Read More
Sukhi Urad Dal in Europian version Food India 

Sukhi Urad Dal in Europian version

Urad is a very popular bean in the West Indian state of Punjab. Today I am presenting sukhi urad daal – means dry – prepared from peeled veal beans (commonly known as urad daal or white lentils), alternatively! Because traditionally sukhi is dry, I made a European modification by adding a fried round and green bean. Urad belongs to the... Read More
Cauliflower Poriyal  Food India 

Cauliflower Poriyal 

Cauliflower Poriyal jest jedną z potraw serwowanych z okazji festiwalu Navratri. Poriyal means in Tamil Nadu fried or stewed vegetable dish, you could say – curry. Typically, there must be primarily spices – black mustard seeds, turmeric, coriander and – at least a bit – dried chilli peppers and black gram, which thickens the dish and gives it a specific flavor.... Read More