Masala dosa – Indian breakfast Food India 

Masala dosa – Indian breakfast

Masala dosa with chutney. To make dough for idli and dosa, Indians use a special type of rice called idli rice. Basically, the dough for both dishes, mentioned above, is the same, the difference is only in density – dough for dosa should be slightly thiner. Living in India, you can – instead of exploring the secrets of the culinary... Read More
Nepalese Culture Interesting facts Nepal 


Hindu castes are an important element of the Nepalese community, although there are some gaps in this system. Bahuns differently Brahmins, are sitting on top of this mountain. They can be government employees, landowners or farmers. As the next, there are Chhetri who usually serve as soldiers. The homeland of both ethnic groups are the hills of western Nepal, but... Read More
Ayurvedic ways to speed up metabolism Food India Interesting facts 

Ayurvedic ways to speed up metabolism

According to the teachings of Ayurveda overweight is associated with the advantage of kapha dosha. Overweight of the body strengthens the Kapha trait, and in turn building Kapha leads to overweight. Thus, a return to balance requires some effort and actions directed towards the opposite – towards light, focus, heat, dryness, mobility, roughness, fluidity, subtlety. Practice yoga every day Yoga... Read More
Spices in India Food India Interesting facts 

Spices in India

The basics of Indian cuisine is its specific spices and their combinations in dishes. The aroma of Indian spices is notorious enough, I will just add that it is worth visiting the regional fair, because they are usually solelling fresh spices, which aroma has surprised me many times, despite the culinary experience. I cataloged the spices and herbs used in... Read More
Vidanga and other miracles of Ayurveda Culture Food India Interesting facts Nepal 

Vidanga and other miracles of Ayurveda

In India, where parasites are common, it is good to remember that people with weaker digestive systems are more susceptible to parasitic infections. It is not difficult to get an infection, and the conditions for development are important for the parasite. Intestinal parasites excellently develop on undigested food. Ultimately, the host suffers from weakening and degeneration. That’s why Ayurveda uses hot... Read More