Nepali sweets Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepali sweets

Laddoo Laddu is a small ball and in translation it means so too. It is made of any flour like semolina, cheakpeas, wheat or a mix of those. It is often used as a religious prasad. Gulaag Jaamun Those are small fried dumplings soaked in sweet syrup. Very delicate and sweet. Roth This biscuit is made of flour, sugar and... Read More
Aloo Sandheko – Potato salad Food Nepal 

Aloo Sandheko – Potato salad

Sandheko is a kind of cold salad, Nepalese Aloo Sandheko is simply a potato salad with spices. Recommended for summer grilling as a great addition to grilled or smoked meat. For 4 portions: Wash the potatoes and cook them for a 30 minutes in a boiling water. Cool them, peel and cut into a 2cm cube. Peel the onion and cut... Read More
Kerala Fish Curry Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Kerala Fish Curry

I’m sharing this wonderful Kerala recipe, thanks to which my sisters – who turn away from the fish – took extra portion. For 4 portions: Notes: The original fish is put fresh, raw to the curry and stewed together. This is a good option, especially if you have a good sea fish. If you have a deep-frozen fish, it is worth frying it.... Read More
Vendakai sambar – lady finger sauce Food India 

Vendakai sambar – lady finger sauce

Sambar is a popular type of hot vegetable sauce prepared on the basis of tur daal (pigeon pea), in the southern states of India – especially in Tamil Nadu. Vendakai in Tamil meansr, or lady finger, a popular vegetable throughout India – and more recently in Europe, especially due to its specific throat and respiratory healing abilities. The seeds contained in the... Read More
Roti – fried breads Food India Nepal 

Roti – fried breads

When 8 eggs bought from the store land unexpectedly on the ground … … our neighbor said she would show how to make roti. This is a kind of bread fried in oil. Sometimes with egg, sometimes not. My roti made according to the instructions of the neighbor pleases me the most. She recommends eating it with vegetable curry. We, of course, prefer with... Read More
Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce Food India Nepal 

Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce

The word „sabji” means vegetables. Maybe we sometimes forget that the potato is also a vegetable … now we can remind ourselfs of this fact. Potato is the most commonly added vegetable in India and Nepal in various types of combinations. Sabji curry is also made of cauliflower, peas and cabbage. Bengal sabji puri – that is, vegetables with fried bread, popular, warming... Read More