Nepali spirit Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepali spirit

One day in Nepal, I was given a short childhood story by a Nepali friend. The story tells of experiences that have so far aroused slight terror. I think that in our culture a similar story would have the chance to see the light of day only after a few drinks between friends. The Nepalese girl not only wrote it... Read More
Nepal: Limbu caste Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepal: Limbu caste

Limbu, are the second most numerous tribe of the people called Kiranti. Their caste makes 1.6% of population in Nepal. The Limbu tribe was about 380,000 big in the early 21st century. The Limbu are of Mongolian roots and speak a language belonging to the Himalayan group of Tibeto-Burman languages. It has its own alphabet (the Kirat-Sirijonga script), believed to have been invented in the... Read More
Recipe for a laphing – Tibetan snack Food Nepal 

Recipe for a laphing – Tibetan snack

A jelly-like Tibetan snack eaten with sauces and spices. I have written more about this snack and what it is here. Recipe for 6-8 people: Note: The laphing needs time to set. Usually it is done overnight. Preparation of laphing: Mix the starch and water together until you get an even texture. Heat the mixture on stove, stirring frequently until the... Read More
Festival Chauri – Yak Festival Culture Nepal 

Festival Chauri – Yak Festival

A great opportunity to meet the breeders of yaks and their products is the Nepalese Chauri Festival. This year it took place on April 15-16 in Chartare,Eastern Nepal. The main goal of the festival is to preserve the traditional way of breeding chauri – yak. In addition, the organizers hope that the festival will also contribute to the promotion of cross-border tourism. Organization... Read More
Laphing, Tibetan fast food: My experience Culture Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Laphing, Tibetan fast food: My experience

A snack that cools and gives strenght on a cool summer day. Origin Laphing is originally from Sichuan cuisine which is one of China’s most popular ones. It was  called ‘liang fen’. Tibetans, as followed, have enjoyed the dish and have brought it straight to Nepal where it, too, starts to gain popularity. Serving The consistency of laphing is jelly-like, made of mung-bean or... Read More
Puri – popular crispy bread Food India Nepal 

Puri – popular crispy bread

 Puri is a popular crispy bread known in India, although it is also a traditional Nepali dish. It is a bread made of whole wheat flour, usualy eaten with Potato Curry (Aaloo ko tarkari). Recipe for 20 pieces: Preparation: Mix flour and salt in a bowl and add water little by little to dough while kneading Add 1 spoon of hot... Read More
Parshuram Jayanti – Shiva and Parvati wedding anniversary Culture Interesting facts Nepal Stories 

Parshuram Jayanti – Shiva and Parvati wedding anniversary

A few days after the Nepalese New Year, the Hindu festival Parshuram Jayanti was on… celebrated by the Bikram Sambat traditions as Parshurama’s birthday. This year – 2018 – the holiday fell on April 18 according to the Gregorian calendar. According to the ancient book of Ramayana, Parashurama arrives at the engagement ceremony of Sita and Rama on that day.... Read More