Puri: Swan Regale Hotels, Guest House India 

Puri: Swan Regale

We moved some time ago to the Swan Regal estate. Now we live in a multi-family block as in a big housing estate. The fact that we are in India, however, causes several important differences in the landscape. I am thinking especially of the habits of Indian residents supported in this fragrant concrete modernity of the place. Bonfires on the estate... Read More
Puri: Ratha Yatra – the biggest festival of the year Culture India Interesting facts 

Puri: Ratha Yatra – the biggest festival of the year

Rath Yatra Festival, an annual “chariot journey”. Traditionally located in Puri – in the state of Orissa – is associated with the figure of Sri Jagannatha. When the festival falls Rath Yatra takes place on Ashadha Shukla Dwitiya, which is the second day after the new month of Ashadha’s Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this time falls on... Read More
Paneer curry Food India Nepal 

Paneer curry

Paneer is Indian / South Asian white curd that goes great with many other products. And it also maintains its shape during thermal processing. I did not believe that this cheese would behave so well during frying, that’s why my pieces of cheese are oblong and a bit larger than they should be. However, a cube with a side of... Read More
Sabut moong daal curry Food India 

Sabut moong daal curry

This dish of daal prepared from the green moong bean comes from the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is known for its huge salt places, people work there, with no access to traditional fruits and vegetables. Maybe that’s why this special life-giving bean got so popular there. Green bean moong is prepared when you want to increase the level of iron. Moong has... Read More
Meth sabji – potato wth coconut Food India 

Meth sabji – potato wth coconut

Methi bhaji or methi sabji – vegetables with fenugreek – is a standard dish prepared during the Navratri festival. If the dish is called sabji, it does not mean a colorful bouquet of vegetables. In India, the main vegetable is potato and onion, followed by – in the frequency – other vegetable plants … Fenugreek is a popular vegetable in... Read More