Mahatma Gandhi: South Africa India Interesting facts 

Mahatma Gandhi: South Africa

Gandhi arrived in Durban, Natal (now kwaZulu-Natal) in 1893 to serve as legal counsel to a merchant Dada Abdulla. In June, Dada Abdulla asked him to undertake a rail trip to Pretoria, Transvaal, a journey which first took Gandhi to Pietermaritzburg, Natal. Hard Experience There, Gandhi was seated in the first-class compartment, as he had purchased a first-class ticket. A White... Read More
Biryani – rice with vegetables Food India 

Biryani – rice with vegetables

Although biryani is very commonly consumed all over India, few know what it really is and how it differs from the popular fried rice or Indian pulao. Biryani is often prepared with the addition of vegetables – as here – or additionally with an egg (anda biryani) or chicken (chicken biryani). However, not on these additives, the dish relies, and... Read More
Ma-am one photo please! India Interesting facts 

Ma-am one photo please!

Whoever tried to visit anyplace with children in Asia knows that it is not hop and go. Actually, being politically correct, you should deal with posing for pictures, setting up children and maintaining relationships. With blond babies, and sometimes even without them, you become the main tourist attraction, even if there are over a thousand years old walls carved with the contents of... Read More
Puri: tea shop of Mr. Prasan Das Food India Interesting facts 

Puri: tea shop of Mr. Prasan Das

Wandering around the holiest temple of Sri Jagannath, we stumbled upon Prasan’s pram. Wandering around Jagannatha and recording an amazing mix of characters, various vegetables, sanctity of temples, buffaloes and mountains of garbage, we suddenly stopped stunned with this heavy herbal scent that came to us from afar. Description The tea stand a trolley on wheels standing picturesquely below the banyan.... Read More
Gallery: Children of Kathmandu Culture Nepal 

Gallery: Children of Kathmandu

Children’s portraits – little ones, middle schoolers and schoolboys, in play, with their parents or on the way to school … On the main picture: our own blond-giirls at the Bouddhanath stupa Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Kushi, the daughter of a neighbor of the Tamang caste Residents of Ramhiti Residents of Ramhiti A girl from a tailor’s shop Little Tibetans busy... Read More