Film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters

Film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters

Hello everyone!!!

As you might know I am Maya and I attend the Saint Rita High School in Krakow.

Some time ago in our high school there was organized a competition for the best film about Mother Katarzyna and Augustian Sisters. Together with a friend we did it for 3 weeks and now we hope to win.

In the meantime, we interviewed the nuns, delving into life with God, and it was a great experience for us.

The films were posted on Facebook and the one with most likes, comments and shares will win the audience award.

Therefore, I ask everyone to klick the Facebook icon down right on the movie clip, give a like, comment and share it with loved ones and friends!

It depends on you if we win! 😊😊😊

Kind Regards.

Konkurs „Już od ponad 400 lat…” (Matka Katarzyna z Kłobucka)

🏅 Konkurs „Już od ponad 400 lat…”Tematyka: Matka Katarzyna z Kłobucka, Siostry Augustianki👥 Autorzy pracy: Maja Volkov, Karolina Drabik-Bańbuła🤔 Jak możesz zagłosować na ten film?Zaznacz swoją aktywność pod tym postem (zareaguj na niego, udostępnij go lub skomentuj).🕐 Głosowanie potrwa do 25 listopada do godziny 15:00.🏆 Wyniki konkursu zostaną ogłoszone po zakończeniu głosowania.

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