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My name is Maya. I’m travelling with my family around Asia. My parents and 3 small, cute sisters. Mostly we visit India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. But soon we hope to see more places.

Before we came to Asia, 2 years ago, we lived in Poland. I, personally don’t like there. First of all, it’s cold and after all my observations I think that people here are much more communicative and open minded. Children are much more free. The streets are full of life. 

Our story:

One ordinary day my parents decided that we will go to India. No one expected that. So after few months of preparations we took flight to Mumbai. – Here You can find post which made my mom about our Long preparations. – This was my first experience like that in the different world. I was 13 then.

We had spend there few days. – Here is post about Mumbai made by my mom. – Then we took a bus to Goa. Where we found a great accommodation not far from the sea. Everyday we walked to  the beach to play and swim. – Here is more about the place called Colva. – We lived there for 2 months.

The next our stop was city called Auroville. – Here is about our journey to the east. –  First we visited place called Sadhana Forest. – More about Sadhana Forest is here. – Very luckyly we met there 1 Russian men and Polish Women. They explained us everything.

We lived there for 4 days. It was wonderful. We woke up early in the morning and worked. After eating our vegan meal we had time free. The only bad thing about this place are mosquito. We had to live because we all have been almost eaten by them.

After renting a house in Auroville we slowly started to explore the city. It’s not very big. The funny thing was that the first place we found was one of the most expensive houses in Auroville belonging to the Russian women. The average monthly cost in Auroville is 25,000RS. 

We left that house after 2 months and found a nice place closer to the center which costed 20,000RS. At that time there were holidays. So in 2 months I went to school. Best school I have ever been to.

In July our visa was suppose to finish so we took flight to Sri Lanka. We had spend there 1 month and came back to Tamil Nadu. The same happened in January/Febryary.

But in July we decided to explore something new and we went to Nepal. We had lived 5 months in Pokhara. And when we got our visa to India we were very dissapointed because we got only 3 months not 6. So we didn’t travel back to Auroville instead we went to West Bengal, where the idea of website came. We lived in Santiniketan, place of education.

After 3 months we came back to Nepal, and again after 5 more months in July we went back to India. We wanted to see something new so we chosed Kerala. There we had problems with Sim Cards so we decided to go to place we wanted to go so much, to the beach on Goa.

Now we stay in Goa.

My goal:

I want to show people how good is India and how many possibilities we have. I want to share our experiences and memories. I’m not only sharing information about Hotels, Transport and Atractions, I want to share about Culture, Education, The way people live. I want to show the image behind those news which are the mask of reality. Few days ago I had discovered that websites from different nationalities show only the negative side of India and I want to change it. Besides I love exploring.

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