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Puri: tea shop of Mr. Prasan Das Food India Interesting facts 

Puri: tea shop of Mr. Prasan Das

Wandering around the holiest temple of Sri Jagannath, we stumbled upon Prasan’s pram. Wandering around Jagannatha and recording an amazing mix of characters, various vegetables, sanctity of temples, buffaloes and mountains of garbage, we suddenly stopped stunned with this heavy herbal scent that came to us from afar. Description The tea stand a trolley on wheels standing picturesquely below the banyan.... Read More
Gallery: Children of Kathmandu Culture Nepal 

Gallery: Children of Kathmandu

Children’s portraits – little ones, middle schoolers and schoolboys, in play, with their parents or on the way to school … On the main picture: our own blond-giirls at the Bouddhanath stupa Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Kushi, the daughter of a neighbor of the Tamang caste Residents of Ramhiti Residents of Ramhiti A girl from a tailor’s shop Little Tibetans busy... Read More
India’s Independence Day India Interesting facts 

India’s Independence Day

This anniversary is one of the three most important national holidays of the country. The other two are Republic Day celebrated 26th January and Gandhi Jayanti, birthday of Mahatma Gandhi celebrated 2nd October. History Since India regained its independence from British rule in 1947, the anniversary is celebrated throughout the country on August 15. India remained under British rule for almost two centuries.... Read More
Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath India Interesting facts 

Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath

Kathmandu is a big city and this is a galery with the pictures from Boudhanath and its region. Boudhanath Sadak – at the entrance to the passage around the great stupa A view from Boudhanath  Tamang Gumba against Boudhanath Boudhanath sale of Ayurvedic herbs Boudhanath reading sutras in public  Boudhanath students on truancy? View from Boudhanath Boudhanath – this nun is always... Read More
Gallery: Kathmandu City Interesting places Nepal 

Gallery: Kathmandu City

The followers of Shiva and the Buddhists are one undivided community in Nepal, freely borrowing from their neighbors to their pantheon of sacred characters. Thus, everyone is taking refuge from Bhairava. Two great stupas, Boudanath and Swayambunath are sacred places not only for Buddhists. The sanctity of Pashupatinath is irrefutable, and the living goddess Kumari – worshiped by the Newari people – is... Read More