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Saag curry – cooked leafs Food India Nepal 

Saag curry – cooked leafs

Saag is a cooked leafy greenery. In the Nepalese restaurant, ordering a daal bhat you will get rice with a number of bowls with sauces and almost always there will be saag. In India and Nepal, many different types of salads are used in the kitchen under the general name of saag or spinach. It is a delicacy for those... Read More
Chaat – Asian fast food Food India Nepal 

Chaat – Asian fast food

Chaat is a specialty of street snack vendors … It comes from the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India, now popular throughout Asia. We met for the first time in Nepal under this name. I would say that chaat is a conversation of several Asian dishes: samosa, daal and a few sauces, which is a good combination of hot and... Read More
Ankurit chana Food India 

Ankurit chana

Chana is an Indian name for chickpeas. Ankuri Chana is chickpea sprouts or a North Indian salad made from them. In the picture Ankuri Chana sold in Gorakhpur from a trolley, given on a leaf and eaten with a leaf – yes, the big leaf that protrudes from my salad is a “spoon”. Chick soak three days earlier, leave at room temperature. Notes:... Read More
The Cremation of dead bodies in Varanashi Culture India Interesting facts Stories 

The Cremation of dead bodies in Varanashi

Varanasi, Monday, 25/06/2018 My name is Deliv, I will tell about the cremation ritual in Hindu tradition, just as we keep it here in Benares. We are currently at Harish Chandra Ghat. Here, all bodies are cremated, with no distinction between castes and religions. Cremation here also includes electrical combustion. Besides, there is another ghat in Varanasi, where only Hindu... Read More
Kathmandu: Ratna Park Interesting places Nepal 

Kathmandu: Ratna Park

Ratna Park is one of the oldest park in Kathmandu. It is situated in central Kathmandu, Nepal. It is not far from the tourist center, Tamel. It is situated between Rani Pokhari – holy reservoir – and Tudikhel – big area used mainly for organization of Nepal Army events. The name of the park comes after the Queen Ratna, the second queen of King Mahendra. Kathmandu Metropolitan... Read More