Nepali sweets Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepali sweets

Laddoo Laddu is a small ball and in translation it means so too. It is made of any flour like semolina, cheakpeas, wheat or a mix of those. It is often used as a religious prasad. Gulaag Jaamun Those are small fried dumplings soaked in sweet syrup. Very delicate and sweet. Roth This biscuit is made of flour, sugar and... Read More
Kerala Fish Curry Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Kerala Fish Curry

I’m sharing this wonderful Kerala recipe, thanks to which my sisters – who turn away from the fish – took extra portion. For 4 portions: Notes: The original fish is put fresh, raw to the curry and stewed together. This is a good option, especially if you have a good sea fish. If you have a deep-frozen fish, it is worth frying it.... Read More
Sutkeri Masala – delicacy for nursing mothers Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Sutkeri Masala – delicacy for nursing mothers

‘Sutkeri ko Ausedhi’ – ‘Sutkeri Masala’ – is a nourishing and sweet delicacy, for centuries prepared for nursing mothers in the region of the Himalayan foothills. The word ‘Sutkeri’ means the mother who has just given birth to a child. The word ‘ausedhi’ means a medical preparation made on order. It is a universal dietary supplement served with a meal,... Read More
2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

2145 – Year of the Earth Dog: Tibetan calendar

The tradition of the Losar festival dates back to prehistoric pre-Buddhist times in Tibet. When Tibetans traditionally practiced the Bon shamanic tradition, a festival was organized every winter in which people offered innumerable incense to local spirits and deities. This tradition has remained until today as the annual New Year’s Buddhist festival. Tibetan calendar – according to which the Buddhist... Read More