Canacona: Agonda, Cola Guest House Hotels, Guest House India Interesting places 

Canacona: Agonda, Cola Guest House

Big, comfortable flat with two rooms in one of the most beautiful places in Goa. Maria A. Fernandes Kajumol Cola Canacona Goa India mobile: +91 9923894870 Maria offers many nice rooms and one well equipped flat. Each room has a big bed, kitchen, and a bathroom. The flat has two nice middle-sized rooms with wardrobe, beds, and a table. It has a kitchen, bathroom,... Read More
Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur India Interesting facts Interesting places Transport 

Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur

I haven’t seen city but I have been on railway station… Outside in the opposite there are mostly hotels that are often very busy. On the road there are also some shops and stands with sugarcane and orange juice. The town has its own university, astronomical observatory, some pretty Islamic architecture, numerous – sometimes very nice – Hindu temples. In... Read More
Kathmandu Interesting places Nepal 


Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It’s a big city and I have been only in the centre and north of the city. The place in the centre is called Thamel, it’s mostly touristic place and everyone knows where is it. There are many shops with hand made cloths and organic cloths. Many restaurants with all kinds of testes mainly... Read More
Kathmandu Fun Park Interesting places Nepal 

Kathmandu Fun Park

Having arrived in Kathmandu we decided to enjoy little bit together with children – after all we are in the capital … We were thinking of a traditional European amusement park. Such places are also available in the city center – such as the popular Garden of Dreams in the center of Kathmandu or Ratna Park on the key transport hub... Read More
More about Metlang Interesting places Nepal 

More about Metlang

It’s a Village on top of the hill. It’s quiet and peaceful… People have small farms with chickens. And fields with corn, rice and pumpkins. Sometimes also potato and tomato in small quality. I think that the population here is about 100 people. I’m not sure. The village isn’t big but it have few hotels and Guest Houses. There is only... Read More