Gallery: Children of Kathmandu Culture Nepal 

Gallery: Children of Kathmandu

Children’s portraits – little ones, middle schoolers and schoolboys, in play, with their parents or on the way to school … On the main picture: our own blond-giirls at the Bouddhanath stupa Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Kushi, the daughter of a neighbor of the Tamang caste Residents of Ramhiti Residents of Ramhiti A girl from a tailor’s shop Little Tibetans busy... Read More
Gallery: Kathmandu City Interesting places Nepal 

Gallery: Kathmandu City

The followers of Shiva and the Buddhists are one undivided community in Nepal, freely borrowing from their neighbors to their pantheon of sacred characters. Thus, everyone is taking refuge from Bhairava. Two great stupas, Boudanath and Swayambunath are sacred places not only for Buddhists. The sanctity of Pashupatinath is irrefutable, and the living goddess Kumari – worshiped by the Newari people – is... Read More
Paneer curry Food India Nepal 

Paneer curry

Paneer is Indian / South Asian white curd that goes great with many other products. And it also maintains its shape during thermal processing. I did not believe that this cheese would behave so well during frying, that’s why my pieces of cheese are oblong and a bit larger than they should be. However, a cube with a side of... Read More
Pokhara, Methlang: Nature Homestay Hotels, Guest House Nepal 

Pokhara, Methlang: Nature Homestay

Modest but clean, well-equipped cottage in the mountains. Nature Homestay Methlang, Pokhara Kaski, Nepal Krishna Dawadi Telefon: +977 9846035266 At Nature Homestay you can enjoy resting surrounded by nature, in the midst of the forest, above the city noise. The house’s location offers a view of the Himalayas, Pokhara, Lakeside and surrounding farmland. The village of Methlang lies directly... Read More
Nepalese Culture Interesting facts Nepal 


Hindu castes are an important element of the Nepalese community, although there are some gaps in this system. Bahuns differently Brahmins, are sitting on top of this mountain. They can be government employees, landowners or farmers. As the next, there are Chhetri who usually serve as soldiers. The homeland of both ethnic groups are the hills of western Nepal, but... Read More