Gajar Halva Food India Nepal 

Gajar Halva

Gajar means carrot in Hindi, Bangla and Nepali. This is a very unique dessert, very simple to prepare, popular in all of northern India and Nepal. We got to know it in West Bengal. Indians say that it is impossible to not add ghee to halva, as it will not have the proper aroma. Cardamon is added only by some Indians, many do... Read More
Banana dosai Food India Nepal 

Banana dosai

»This is the recipe I used on 5th day of Navrati. On 5th day the Bhag was banana so I made those. Preparation: Peel and mash banana in a bowl – I didn’t have the tool to mash so I cutted them very properly Mix well with rice flour, maida, sugar, nuts and raisins Take pan on a stove and... Read More
Bananas in batter Food India Nepal 

Bananas in batter

This is the recipe I used on fifth day of Navratri as the bhag was banana. Everyone loved those slices of banana in the batter. Preparation: Cut the bananas in circles. Mix the egg, the sugar and the salt. Then slowly add the flour and baking soda while stirring. The mixture must be something like cake batter. Fill a frying... Read More
Samosa Food India Nepal 


Samosa are fried dumplings popular almost in whole Asia. We made them in Poland, stuffed with meat, baked, not fried, according to the Uzbek recipe under the name of “samsa”. In India samosa is the most available snack stuffed with vegetables – most often potatoes with the dal. In Tamil Nadu they are tiny – maybe 5cm each, stuffed with fried... Read More
Spices from Nepal Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Spices from Nepal

The purpose of this article is to present the most common Nepali spices typical of this country, along with their medical properties. Akhbare khursani Akhbare khursani is also known as dalle khursani, meaning round chilli is the spiciest spice of the world. The fully mature fruits are mostly shaped like cherries and are glowing red. Grown in households in Nepal and... Read More