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Kathmandu: a visit to Boudanath

The way The price for a taxi from Thamel to Boudanath is around 300 – 400 Nepalese rupees. To get to Boudanath by public transport, go to the stop called Ratna Park – every Nepalese passerby will show you the way – and there (crossing the walking pedestrian going from Thamel or Ason Market) ask the drivers about Baudha. A…


The meaning of Bauddhanath stupa

From an air view, the Bauddhanath stupa looks like a giant mandala … means – diagram of Buddhist cosmology. Four Buddhas set the main directions of the world, the fifth – Vairochana – sits in the middle. These five Buddhas also embody the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – represented in the elements of the stupa….


Kathmandu, Stupa Bauddhanath: history and legend

The Boudhanath stupa is located about 7 km northeast of Thamel – Kathmandu city center, near the ancient trade route leading from Tibet. The stupa is 44 meters high, the stupa dome is about 7 meters in diameter. The area of the stupa is approximately 6,756 square meters. Bauddhanath is one of the largest and most significant Buddhist objects in…


To Kopan Monastery and Lhosar – Tibetan New Year

17th February we went on a walk to Kopan Monastery. From our house, it looks like on the other side of a city. We asked the owner of our flat, how many kilometers were between us and the Monastery. He told us that only 2 kilometers, we were quite surprised, as you can imagine. It so happened that the day we…


Unexpected surprises – Pashupatinath Temple (Part 2)

While we wandered around, on the hill, our father called us to see something great. We went to see what he was looking at and on the edge of a hill was a barrier, behind which we could see something magnificent. We didn’t know what it was but it was very, taking the breath. There was a river and small stupas…


Unexpected surprises – Pashupatinath Temple (Part 1)

11th February 2018 Today while walking through the city we sow stairs leading up to the hill and we didn’t expect what we were going to see. Today started as usual. I woke up, made exercises, ate breakfast while talking with mom in between. When sisters woke up we served them breakfast and took care of morning washing teeth. In…


Donbass — Rozy and life in Nepal

I think, that you, dear reader, naturally raised the question of what the photo has in common with the title. I am going to explain. This photo was taken in the center of Kathmandu in the Tamel region at one of the many temples. I sat down at the temple sadhu (holy man) and we took a picture together. He is so…


Katmandu: Kopan Monastery

Many of us have a very idealistic idea of monasteries, thinking of some high things. In fact, everything is much simpler. The monastery is principally a school. But what they study and who teaches in this school is already a question of the quality of education and the matter of every educational institution. What do the monks learn in the…


From Tamil Nadu – by train – to Nepal (Kathmandu)

The time started to rush and in no time it was time to leave as our Indian visa was about to end. 20th we started packing and deciding what to take. In the evening we made a feast to which came Amsa, an Indian woman, our friend and the owner of our flat. I also called our old friend Swetlana, and…


Canacona: Agonda, Cola Guest House

Big, comfortable flat with two rooms in one of the most beautiful places in Goa. Maria A. Fernandes Kajumol Cola Canacona Goa India mobile: +91 9923894870 Maria offers many nice rooms and one well equipped flat. Each room has a big bed, kitchen, and a bathroom. The flat has two nice middle-sized rooms with wardrobe, beds, and a table. It has a kitchen, bathroom,…