Our mother’s birthday Nepal Stories 

Our mother’s birthday

Today, 15th February 2018, is my mothers birthday. Our planning and gifts We (me and Katia (my biggest sister)), planned to make some surprises for her, like gifts and morning taking care. While we reminded ourselves of her birthday only 10th February when I talked with Katia and then said something about Katia’s birthday and in that moment I remembered that our... Read More
Pongal – harvest festival Culture India Interesting facts 

Pongal – harvest festival

Pongal is celebrated in south India mostly in Tamil Nadu. The word Pongal itself means “boiling over” or “spilling over” (of milk and rice) in Tamil, signifying abundance and prosperity. Pongal is usually held from January 13–16 in the Gregorian calendar i.e. from the last day of the Tamil month Maargazhi to the third day of Thai. It is festival that brings respite to the... Read More