Chaat – Asian fast food Food India Nepal 

Chaat – Asian fast food

Chaat is a specialty of street snack vendors … It comes from the state of Uttar Pradesh in North India, now popular throughout Asia. We met for the first time in Nepal under this name. I would say that chaat is a conversation of several Asian dishes: samosa, daal and a few sauces, which is a good combination of hot and... Read More
Samosa Food India Nepal 


Samosa are fried dumplings popular almost in whole Asia. We made them in Poland, stuffed with meat, baked, not fried, according to the Uzbek recipe under the name of “samsa”. In India samosa is the most available snack stuffed with vegetables – most often potatoes with the dal. In Tamil Nadu they are tiny – maybe 5cm each, stuffed with fried... Read More