Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce Food India Nepal 

Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce

The word „sabji” means vegetables. Maybe we sometimes forget that the potato is also a vegetable … now we can remind ourselfs of this fact. Potato is the most commonly added vegetable in India and Nepal in various types of combinations. Sabji curry is also made of cauliflower, peas and cabbage. Bengal sabji puri – that is, vegetables with fried bread, popular, warming... Read More
Goan Shark Food India 

Goan Shark

The shark was fresh and very small and did not resemble a monster of any Hollywood production … of course, apart from its specific shape of mouth and dorsal fin. The shark does not scratch, you have to take the skin off it. Here you can see the removal of shark skin and a few other exotic films … Our... Read More
Calamari in goan curry Food India 

Calamari in goan curry

Squids, of course, the best will be fresh, but I threw my in a freezer for two days. Nevertheless, they turned out to be excellent. We have made them in our version of the Goan curry. The dish is so specific and original in taste that it leaves a great field to modify the composition. From the wide range of... Read More
Masala dosa – Indian breakfast Food India 

Masala dosa – Indian breakfast

Masala dosa with chutney. To make dough for idli and dosa, Indians use a special type of rice called idli rice. Basically, the dough for both dishes, mentioned above, is the same, the difference is only in density – dough for dosa should be slightly thiner. Living in India, you can – instead of exploring the secrets of the culinary... Read More