Hijra – the third gender in India Bangladesh Culture India Interesting facts 

Hijra – the third gender in India

Hijra is one of the castes in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, which includes representatives of the “third sex”: a community of transgender people, bisexuals, homosexuals, and eunuchs. They dress and behave like women, call themselves a female name. The number of Hijra varies according to different estimates from 50 thousand to 5 million. But traveling in India and meeting men... Read More
India’s Independence Day India Interesting facts 

India’s Independence Day

This anniversary is one of the three most important national holidays of the country. The other two are Republic Day celebrated 26th January and Gandhi Jayanti, birthday of Mahatma Gandhi celebrated 2nd October. History Since India regained its independence from British rule in 1947, the anniversary is celebrated throughout the country on August 15. India remained under British rule for almost two centuries.... Read More
History: Shehnai, traditional wind instrument Culture India Interesting facts Nepal Stories 

History: Shehnai, traditional wind instrument

Quick Introduction Emperor Aurangzeb was considered as the last great Mughal Emperor who extended the Empire over nearly all the Indian subcontinent. He was born in 1618 and ruled for 49 years. He brought to his rule a strict Islamic law called Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. It was said that he imposed a ban on music but it seems that not completely. The story Long ago... Read More