Biryani – rice with vegetables Food India 

Biryani – rice with vegetables

Although biryani is very commonly consumed all over India, few know what it really is and how it differs from the popular fried rice or Indian pulao. Biryani is often prepared with the addition of vegetables – as here – or additionally with an egg (anda biryani) or chicken (chicken biryani). However, not on these additives, the dish relies, and... Read More
Paneer curry Food India Nepal 

Paneer curry

Paneer is Indian / South Asian white curd that goes great with many other products. And it also maintains its shape during thermal processing. I did not believe that this cheese would behave so well during frying, that’s why my pieces of cheese are oblong and a bit larger than they should be. However, a cube with a side of... Read More
Sabut moong daal curry Food India 

Sabut moong daal curry

This dish of daal prepared from the green moong bean comes from the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is known for its huge salt places, people work there, with no access to traditional fruits and vegetables. Maybe that’s why this special life-giving bean got so popular there. Green bean moong is prepared when you want to increase the level of iron. Moong has... Read More
Bean sauce for potato Food India 

Bean sauce for potato

Green peas are one of the widely available vegetables in India. Seasonally fresh, then dried. A grain sauce is a topic for families with small children who are not used to ubiquitous chili in Indian cuisine. Best in the set with potatoes – fried, fried, boiled … who likes it. We like to have a bit mild, a bit spicy... Read More
Vendakai sambar – lady finger sauce Food India 

Vendakai sambar – lady finger sauce

Sambar is a popular type of hot vegetable sauce prepared on the basis of tur daal (pigeon pea), in the southern states of India – especially in Tamil Nadu. Vendakai in Tamil meansr, or lady finger, a popular vegetable throughout India – and more recently in Europe, especially due to its specific throat and respiratory healing abilities. The seeds contained in the... Read More
Beet Poriyal from Tamil Nadu Food India 

Beet Poriyal from Tamil Nadu

The Tamils ​​sometimes compare the aromas of freshly cut beetroots to manvasanai – the smell of dried earth sprinkled by rain. Tamil Nadu is a state in the south of India, where the biggest delicacy and source of food for people of all caste is coconut and its products. This duo – a fresh coconut with beet, today I presen... Read More