History: Shehnai, traditional wind instrument Culture India Interesting facts Nepal Stories 

History: Shehnai, traditional wind instrument

Quick Introduction Emperor Aurangzeb was considered as the last great Mughal Emperor who extended the Empire over nearly all the Indian subcontinent. He was born in 1618 and ruled for 49 years. He brought to his rule a strict Islamic law called Fatawa-e-Alamgiri. It was said that he imposed a ban on music but it seems that not completely. The story Long ago... Read More
Ideotism, Idealism or Idiothism? Interesting facts 

Ideotism, Idealism or Idiothism?

Everyone knows that there is capitalism, socialism, communism, feudalism, protestantism. do you know how many words there are with the end of ISM? We can roughly list and this is still not a complete list: deism, theism, trism. shiism, humeism, atheism, autism, babism, vedism, verism, iodism, iodism, cynicism, comicism, cubism, lyrism, rayonism, magic, manizm, maoism, machism, monism, munism, mutism, nanism, nazism,... Read More
Cancer, fear sicknes from keeping the emotions inside India Interesting facts Nepal 

Cancer, fear sicknes from keeping the emotions inside

Experienced physicians say, that there is some relationship between the nature of emotions of a man and his illnesses. This very certain interrelation is well developed in various medical techniques in the regions of Asia. Let’s select Chinese and Tibetan medicine as the most philosophically integral. Modern China, after several decades of translating the official course towards Western medicine, began... Read More