Laphing, Tibetan fast food: My experience Culture Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Laphing, Tibetan fast food: My experience

A snack that cools and gives strenght on a cool summer day. Origin Laphing is originally from Sichuan cuisine which is one of China’s most popular ones. It was  called ‘liang fen’. Tibetans, as followed, have enjoyed the dish and have brought it straight to Nepal where it, too, starts to gain popularity. Serving The consistency of laphing is jelly-like, made of mung-bean or... Read More
Puri – popular crispy bread Food India Nepal 

Puri – popular crispy bread

 Puri is a popular crispy bread known in India, although it is also a traditional Nepali dish. It is a bread made of whole wheat flour, usualy eaten with Potato Curry (Aaloo ko tarkari). Recipe for 20 pieces: Preparation: Mix flour and salt in a bowl and add water little by little to dough while kneading Add 1 spoon of hot... Read More
Khapsey Food Interesting facts Nepal 


Khapsey are Tibetan bisquits , very popular in Nepal, Widely prepared for Lhosar – Tibetan New year. In addition, Tibetans often prepare them for various occasions, such as weddings, family holidays or other religious festivals, many of which are found in both Tibetan culture and the neighboring Newari. There are many different types – read: shapes – khapsey cookies. Two... Read More
Fiddlehead ferns with garlic butter Food Nepal 

Fiddlehead ferns with garlic butter

The nipple is very delicate in its structure … and as such it is considered a royal delicacy replacing the rarely met asparagus. Niuro – as it is called in Nepali – belongs in the category of vegetables to the deciduous group and serves as many other types of greens for preparing saag. The recipe given below is not much different from... Read More
Chiraito: Nepalese remedy for most ailments Food 

Chiraito: Nepalese remedy for most ailments

Chiraito in Latin – Swertia chirata From ancient times, it was one of the most reliable medicines in the mountain and high-mountain regions of Nepal. Used in many ailments, it was one of the most frequently used ingredients in many medications. Herb is widely used in traditional Ayurveda medicine as well as in allopathy – means in the methods of... Read More
Nepali sweets Food Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepali sweets

In the date of 14 April from the morning we could see everywhere in the shops many colorful sweets.  Chay-shops (local tea shops) turned into a confectionerys on this occasion, and the air was full of unearthly aroma of caramel and Nepalese spices. So for the reason of New Year feasted by Nepali people 3 days we arranged some interview... Read More
Aloo Sandheko – Potato salad Food Nepal 

Aloo Sandheko – Potato salad

Sandheko is a kind of cold salad, Nepalese Aloo Sandheko is simply a potato salad with spices. Recommended for summer grilling as a great addition to grilled or smoked meat. For 4 portions: Wash the potatoes and cook them for a 30 minutes in a boiling water. Cool them, peel and cut into a 2cm cube. Peel the onion and cut... Read More
Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce Food India Nepal 

Sabji curry – Vegetable sauce

The word „sabji” means vegetables. Maybe we sometimes forget that the potato is also a vegetable … now we can remind ourselfs of this fact. Potato is the most commonly added vegetable in India and Nepal in various types of combinations. Sabji curry is also made of cauliflower, peas and cabbage. Bengal sabji puri – that is, vegetables with fried bread, popular, warming... Read More