Parshuram Jayanti – Shiva and Parvati wedding anniversary Culture Interesting facts Nepal Stories 

Parshuram Jayanti – Shiva and Parvati wedding anniversary

A few days after the Nepalese New Year, the Hindu festival Parshuram Jayanti was on… celebrated by the Bikram Sambat traditions as Parshurama’s birthday. This year – 2018 – the holiday fell on April 18 according to the Gregorian calendar. According to the ancient book of Ramayana, Parashurama arrives at the engagement ceremony of Sita and Rama on that day.... Read More
Khapsey Food Interesting facts Nepal 


Khapsey are Tibetan bisquits , very popular in Nepal, Widely prepared for Lhosar – Tibetan New year. In addition, Tibetans often prepare them for various occasions, such as weddings, family holidays or other religious festivals, many of which are found in both Tibetan culture and the neighboring Newari. There are many different types – read: shapes – khapsey cookies. Two... Read More
Nepal: Who are Kiranti Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

Nepal: Who are Kiranti

Kirati, Kiranti is an ethnic group with roots going back several millennia distinguished by separate beliefs, traditions and language between Nepalese. Region Traditionally, they live in the  region of Arun river flowing through Eastern Nepal. A distinction is made between two groups: Wallo – living west of the river Pallo – occupying the eastern territories of Arun Their tribes are also found... Read More
Tibetan wedding Culture Interesting facts Nepal Stories 

Tibetan wedding

Wandering around Bauddha on the day of Buddha Purnima – 30 may – we came across partying Tibetans. Organization The wedding party took place in a regional clinic of Tibetan medicine. The area of ​​the wedding celebration consisted of a small square with a tent, where tables and chairs were set up, and the waitresses were carrying dishes and drinks.... Read More
Lumbini: forgoten places of Buddha’s life Culture Interesting facts Interesting places Nepal Stories 

Lumbini: forgoten places of Buddha’s life

Lumbini is a city situated in south Nepal. It is a place of buddhist cult believed to be a birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama. Lumbini was made a World Heritage Site status by UNESCO in 1997. Gautama was a son of Queen Mayadevi, born in 563 BCE. When he achieved Enlightenment some time around 528 BCE, became the Buddha and founded Buddhism. In Lumbini there are many temples, monasteries and monuments.... Read More
Province 2 announces eight additional public holidays

Province 2 announces eight additional public holidays

The government in Province 2 has announced eight public holidays in addition to the number of holidays fixed by the federal government. Holidays have been announced on various festivals and occasions that are celebrated in the Province that comprises eight Tarai districts from Saptari in the east to Parsa in west. The provincial government has decided to give public holidays... Read More
Gurung Dharma: shamanic practices and Gurung beliefs Culture Interesting facts Nepal 

Gurung Dharma: shamanic practices and Gurung beliefs

Gurung Dharma, or the Gurung shamanic traditions … … are now considered – also by its supporters – as an ancient system of shamanic beliefs, which is only a remnant of the former powerful cult. Gurung beliefs The Gurungs – in their language – Tamu-mae – combine practical everyday life with rich cosmology, inhabited by innumerable good and evil spirits.... Read More