Pani Puri Food India Nepal 

Pani Puri

Today I would like to tell a story about the snack eaten in India, Nepal and other neighboring countries. Panipuri is a street snack of several regions in the Indian subcontinent. It is made of a round, hollow puri (fried crisp) that is filled with a mixture made of tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas and after added flavored water (known as imli pani). It has various names, depending... Read More
Gajar Halva Food India Nepal 

Gajar Halva

Gajar means carrot in Hindi, Bangla and Nepali. This is a very unique dessert, very simple to prepare, popular in all of northern India and Nepal. We got to know it in West Bengal. Indians say that it is impossible to not add ghee to halva, as it will not have the proper aroma. Cardamon is added only by some Indians, many do... Read More
Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur India Interesting facts Interesting places Transport 

Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur

I haven’t seen city but I have been on railway station… Outside in the opposite there are mostly hotels that are often very busy. On the road there are also some shops and stands with sugarcane and orange juice. The town has its own university, astronomical observatory, some pretty Islamic architecture, numerous – sometimes very nice – Hindu temples. In... Read More
Museum Kalibanga in Rajastan is reopen to the public

Museum Kalibanga in Rajastan is reopen to the public

The well-known Kalibanga Museum in the Hanumangarh area, Rajasthan State, was reopened to the public after a half-year break. The museum displays artifacts from the Indian Bronze Age, a period of Harappan civilization that existed in the region between 3000 and 2700 BC. The exhibit includes porcelain, mortars, bracelets, seals, statues, building bricks, stone balls and cubes with six points... Read More
Girl from Nagaland tries to popularise yoga

Girl from Nagaland tries to popularise yoga

Her critics call her a ‘devil’ and jeer at her often but Orentsani Suzen, a young yoga* instructor of Nagaland, is least disturbed. She is focused on improving the health of the Christian-majority state through the art of yoga. This 25-year-old is the state’s one and only trained yoga instructor. Yoga in parts of the Northeast is viewed as a... Read More
Varanasi: Khusi Paying Guest House Hotels, Guest House India 

Varanasi: Khusi Paying Guest House

Come and stay in a pleasant family atmosphere by the river Ganga. Khushi Paying Guest House B.2/63-B (next to Power House) Bhadaini, Varanasi-1 221001, India mob.: +91 9839873664; mob.: +91 9936441647; e-mail: Khushi Paying Guest House offers rooms of varying standards, with or without bathroom, and a kitchen for residents use. Available wi-fi. Especially nice is the large dinning... Read More