Election Commission decides to hold Presidential election on March 13 – in Nepal

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to hold the presidential election on March 13.

According to the constitutional provision, the election for President and Vice-President should be held within a month after the formation of Federal Parliament.

Prior to announcing the date of the presidential election, the EC officer bearers had held a consultation with Prime Minister KP Oli.

According to the constitution, the elections of President and Vice-President should be held on different dates. There is also a provision that the election of Vice-President should be held a week after the conclusion of presidential election.

The President and Vice-President will be elected through a voting by Electoral College comprising members of federal parliament and provincial assembly members.

The weightage of House of Representative will be 79, while the weightage of provincial assembly wil be 48.

According to EC spokesperson Nawaraj Dhakal, the date for presidential election has been fixed for March 13. The list of the voters will be published on March 5.

The date for filing the nomination has been set for March 7 and the final list of the candidates will be published on March 8.