In Kathmandu: The 108th International Women Day has been marked

In Kathmandu: The 108th International Women Day has been marked

On the 108th International Women’s Day, today’s march from Kathmandu took place. The campaign was an initiative of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, in which various people, organizations, social activists and mediators participated.

The march, which began with the gate of the exhibition hall in Bhrikutimandap, ended at Szantivatika in Ratnapark, circling Tundikhel via Bhadrakali Temple, Shahid Gate, Nepal Airlines Corporation, Mahankal Temple and Bir Hospital.

On this occasion, people gathered from different backgrounds to express their solidarity with women, social issues about women and raise their voices to stop violence against women.

The march was filled with enthusiastic participants – holding banners and screams – solving various problems faced by women. Individual activists, women’s activists, women’s networks, women with disabilities, women’s groups, women’s protection workers, students, men supporting women’s issues, traditional Nepalese teams, representatives of national and international organizations, boasted in solidarity.

The participants of the RageAgainstRape campaign in social media actively participated in the event, who through this event wanted to reach the surface and emphasize their case in the public sphere, apart from social media. With the increasing number of rape cases in recent months, the social media campaign has brought together many people who have raised their voices against the injustices facing victims in order to make them aware through this medium and inspire action.

Participants of the RageAgainstRape campaign taking part in March 108th Women’s Day, in Kathmandu, on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Photo: Monica Lohani / THT

Similarly, the National Federation of Disabled People – Nepal was among the social organizations participating in the march, of which women with disabilities were an integral part. Their concerns concerned the inclusion and accessibility of all persons with disabilities, including women with disabilities. When the march ended in Shantivatika, they paid particular attention to the fact that the current infrastructure of the area was not friendly to people with disabilities. They could not enter the park in their wheelchairs and presented it as an example of a place where the authorities concerned need to address the issue of accessibility.

Disabled women participating in the March 108th Women’s Day, in Kathmandu, on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Photo: Priyanka Adhikari / THT

Today’s march was a projection of mass enthusiasm and agreement, which was carried out by participants who met to observe this year’s women’s day, which is of great importance both nationally and globally, in promoting gender equality.

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