Bodhgaya: Mahabody Temple

Bodhgaya: Mahabody Temple

We are the second time in Bodhgaya and still have not visited the magnificent Mahabodhi temple.

So we had to catch up… The Mahabohi temple was built in the third century BC. By the great ruler Asioka to commemorate the event, which was the realization of enlightenment by the Buddha Shakyamuni in this place. It was set exactly on the eastern side of the bodhi tree under which Buddha sat. The bodhi tree that is currently growing is a direct descendent of oryginal tree. 

At present, Mahabodhi is the most sacred object of Buddhist pilgrimage and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple is the oldest preserved original building originally built in those days, entirely of bricks, and its erection was the beginning of this specific era in Indian architecture.


Admission free for all, only need to get a free ticket right at the gates. There is a counter where you can buy a ticket allowing to get camera inside (100rs), a hand camera (300rs) or larger equipment (500rs). Phone not allowed – you must leave on deposit (for signature and key, free of charge). Bags are scanned and my mom’s smartly hidden phone did not pass …

The main altar of the temple itself is tiny, there is a mediocre statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and several boxes for donations … and very interesting tower stairs (probably), but tourists are not allowed. The greatest attraction of Mahabodhi is the surroundings of the bodhi tree and the garden filled with mantras and meditative atmosphere …

 Many people come to meditate and get a blessing from the bodhy tree.

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