Kathmandu Fun Park

Kathmandu Fun Park

Having arrived in Kathmandu we decided to enjoy a little bit together with children – after all, we are in the capital …

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We were thinking of a traditional European amusement park. Such places are also available in the city center – such as the popular Garden of Dreams in the center of Kathmandu or Ratna Park on the key transport hub in the capital.

There is also a water fun park called Kathmandu Fun Valley. Adult ticket 600 NRS, for children up to 95 cm height 400 NRS. There are also promotional packages that do not apply on Saturdays and public holidays (Saturday is a non-working day in Nepal and Sunday is an ordinary working day and school day) – Family of three 1200 NRS, four-person – 1500 NRS, couple (girl and boy) 1000 NRS.

Kathmandu Fun Park

In the first place we chose the closer and cheaper offer, Bhrikuti Mandap Children Fun Park also called Kathmandu Fun Park. The journey took us about an hour of walking from Thamel through the city. On the way, we had 2 viaducts over the road, which was a great attraction for us, several temples, and also coke, beer, and momo. The Bhrikuti Mandap is located on Pradharani Marg. Bhrikuti Mandap is an area of university facilities and art exhibitions.

The admission ticket costs 60 NRS for adults, 30 NRS to 10 years or for holders of student ID cards. Children up to 4 years old are free.

In the beginning, there is a section mostly for children. After there are throwing games. And on the other side are attractions for adults and children too.

In the beginning, in the children section:

Cars (small for children) – 80RS for one car

Ferris wheel (very small) – 40RS for a person, no adults allowed

Trampoline (small) – 40RS for a person, no adults allowed

Air Slide (I don’t know the name of it) – 65RS for person

There are also Small Train and Cups.

After there are attractions like:

Scary dinosaur park, few video games, 2 cafes and place for children with slides and climbing places.

Then there are many throwing games. The road with football ground on a side turns. There are Scary house and more throwing games. At the end of the way, there are few small shops, statues of popular cartoon hero and Horse ride.

Next, to the Horse Ride are small stairs to the adult side.

Where are:

Boats, Ferris wheel, Columbus (big boat), Space Craft, Cars, Train that goes around all place.

And few children attractions:

Horses, Planes with Cars that go round, Big Air Slide and many stands with ice cream and other sweets.

The place is mostly crowded on Saturday which is good because many attractions need to be full to start working. On weekdays there are people too but till 5 or 6 pm. The place closes at 7 pm.

It was a perfect occasion to go to Ferris Wheel and to SpaceCraft which was terribly terrible (in a good way).

We went there few times as we wanted to try all attractions.

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Other Attractions:

Garden Of Dreams

Places to eat:

Chinese Restaurant

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