Banana dosai Food India Nepal 

Banana dosai

This is the recipe I used on 5th day of Navrati (Indian festival). On 5th day the Bhag was banana so I made those. Preparation: Peel and mash banana in a bowl – I didn’t have the tool to mash so I cutted them very properly Mix well with rice flour, maida, sugar, nuts, raisins and water Take pan on... Read More
Bananas in butter Food India Nepal 

Bananas in butter

This is the recipe I used on fifth day of Navratri as the bhag was banana. Everyone loved those slices of banana in the batter. Preparation: Cut the bananas in circles. Mix the egg, the sugar and the salt. Then slowly add the flour and baking soda while stirring. The mixture must be something like cake batter. Fill a frying... Read More
Navrati Festival Culture India Interesting facts 

Navrati Festival

This year it started September 21 and will end on September 29 Navratri–or the nine sacred days–mark the most auspicious days of the lunar calendar according to Hinduism. Celebrated with fervour and festivity all over India, and every Hindu community the world over, these nine days are dedicated solely to Maa Durga (goddess Durga) and her nine avatars. The prominent story... Read More
Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur India Interesting facts Interesting places Transport 

Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur

I haven’t seen city but I have been on railway station… Outside in the opposite there are mostly hotels that are often very busy. On the road there are also some shops and stands with sugarcane and orange juice. The town has its own university, astronomical observatory, some pretty Islamic architecture, numerous – sometimes very nice – Hindu temples. In... Read More