Maya’s Art

Maya’s Art

Hi, it’s me and here are my arts. As I travel I do many more things that I like. There is something that makes me draw, mostly with pencil. Once I tried to draw my sister but I got her portrait from future, long future.

As our family does everything to be creative, we sing, dance and play on some instruments. I like to sing some songs like “Sweet Dreams” but last time we tried to sing it with headphones and it got really terrible. We made a movie that we putted here.

You know that I have many small sisters and they are very creative, so I also thought to make some great games for them.

I do love also to make movies and scenario and I made already one that you can see here. Besides this, I am also writing as you can see.

So, here you can find most of my creatings and arts.



Edo Dorota Katia Nadia Ania