Always says “Yes”

Always says “Yes”

Here is one funy fact about Indians, the ones that live in the smaller cities or villages, is that they almost always answer “Yes”. I’m talking about Indians that have seen a white person only few times in life and know little English or at all.

You ask a man “Can you show me the way to this hotel?” You show them map or a hotel card and they look at it and answer “Yes”. You ask them to show it to you and they still repeat the same answer. But only after few minutes of conversation you realize that it will not lead you anywhere.

So, it will look like this:

– Excuse me, can you show me the way to this hotel?
You show them map.
They look at it.
– Yes.
– So where is it?
– Yes, yes.
They nod their head.
– Show me.
You start pointing directions.
a) Then they realize what you want.
– No, No.
b)They still don’t know what you want or just want your atention.
– Yes…
Then you understand that you will get nowhere.

I would say that if they answer “yes” like in the way I described here, there is 40% chance you will get the answer you are waiting for.

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