Applying for Indian Tourist visa in Nepal

Applying for Indian Tourist visa in Nepal

I have wrote before about applying visa but as time pass, the needs and regulations change, so here I make a new post with all the actual reqirements.

To apply you need:

  • Indian Visa Application Form
  • Passport photo – you should make it in the service as it is bigger then usual one
  • Passport photocopy
  • Current Nepali Visa photocopy
  • If you have been in India before – Previous Indian Visa photocopy
  • And Cancellation stamp photocopy – It’s the stamp they give you when you leave India

We are quite experienced in making visa in Nepal so we know that we need Birth certificates and Marriage certificate. We had situations when officials couldn’t believe that we are family with so many children. So we had to attach these certificates but it isn’t obligatory.

Additional for international couple:

  • International Marriage certificate

Additional for children:

  • International Birth certificates
  • Photocopy of parents’ passports

Indian Visa Application Form

This is a form that is made online. You can make it yourself and print it or use a service that is located next to Indian Visa Making center paying 300Rs (3$) for one form. They fill everything and print it. Here is the website:

The applying process

First you have to give all the needed papers with passport. They check if everything is alright and give you back the passport (if you are with children you will get a form for each to fill). Then you have to pay and you will get the receipt with the date when you have to give them the passport to get visa. It can take few days. After these you give them passport and the next day you can come pick it up with the pasted visa.

In Kathmandu, we had already twice Applied for visa. Once we got 3 months and the next time we got 6 months. It is usually known that they give 3 months an this time was no exception. We asked why we didn’t get 6 months as we applied and paid but they said that they don’t know and only ambassador knows as he did so.

Our payments

The previous time we have been applying we used the service and payed 3,000Rs (30$) for Application forms, visa photos and all the photocopies. Note, we are six person.

This time we decided to make Applications at home. I calculated that we would save 1,800Rs. However it took all night for my mom to make them and because of mistakes we had to make them again. The second time it turned out that in 2 there were mistakes so I had to go to the service to make them again paying 600Rs.

In total we payed 300Rs for photos, 860Rs for all passport photocopies, 600Rs for 2 Application forms, 300Rs for Application photocopies. In total of 2,060Rs.

For visa we payed 60,870Rs. Mom and daughters are Polish citizens so we had to pay 10,680Rs and 500Rs -for service – each. Father however is from Russia and he had to pay only 4,470Rs and 500Rs.

The cost of the visa depends on the country you are from.

Note: We are a family of 6 and all the paper making takes us time. If you are 1, 2 people it is easy for you to make form at home. However the cost of everything is also smaller.

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