Applying Visa Nepal – India

Applying Visa Nepal – India

After 3 months in Nepal…

we wanted to stay there a little longer.

So we went to the immigration office at the Shahid Chowk roundabout not far from the Lakeside in Pokhara. The visa in Nepal can be extended by two months, no more. The application for an extension – as well as the application for a visa have to be done online. This can be done on paper too, at a nearby office for an adequate fee. For filing our papers of six person (you had to fill 6 forms online, print and attach photos and photocopies of passports) we paid 1000 NRS. With these documents we went to IMIGRATION OFFICE. We gave ready applications and passports, then we paid adequate fee. The entire procedure took about 30 minutes.

Indian Visa

After those two months we had to come back to our lovely India. So we went to Kathmandu, where the Indian Visa Service Center is located near the Embassy of India. The making of the Indian visa in Nepal is similar to that in Sri Lanka … there are a few important differences. The form had to be submitted online, what we did in the nearby “service facility” paying for our six (six online forms, taking pictures, printing and copying passports) 3 thousand Nepalese rupees … after negotiation.

With applications we went to the Indian Visa Service Center, where we picked up the number and politely waited. By the window it turned out that we didn’t have the birth certificate of us (me and my sisters). We have deposited them the last time but it turned out, however, that international birth certificates or their sworn translations are now required.

International Birth Certificate

Searching for a Polish translator in Kathmandu was a separate task. My mom checked many places and she found the Polish Consul where she didn’t get any help except, they told her to send certificates to Delhi.

However they decided that it would be easier and even cheaper to apply for international copies of birth certificates in our home office in Poland. Scans were sent by e-mail to the office. We had several conversations over Skype and everything went well and we returned again on Monday with the required documents in the Indian Visa Service Center.

Nationality Issue

So far as we knew the Nepali Indian Visa Center gave only three-month visas. We applied for a six-month single entry visa, described precisely the planned travel regions, paid the appropriate fees, and hoped for a successful review by Friday.

On Friday we went to pass passports to get visa. We received a “Recommendation” for 6 months stay in India. However, only us – my mom and her daughters, Polish citizens – they gave “Recommendation”. My father, Russian, did not receive such recommendation, but only three months. As we are family and we are traveling together, we described the situation in the application, father signed and full of good thoughts again, we were waiting for a decision by Monday.

And on Monday we took our bags and on the way to bus station we received… 6 months visa, for everyone.

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