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Mahatma Gandhi: Education Interesting facts 

Mahatma Gandhi: Education

The most extraordinary person from India, Mahatma Gandhi. About education. Before leave Gandhi came from a poor family, and he had to chose one of the cheapest college he could afford. Mavji Dave Joshiji, a Brahmin priest and family friend, advised Gandhi and his family that he should consider law studies in London. In July 1888, his wife Kasturba gave... Read More
Ma-am one photo please! Interesting facts 

Ma-am one photo please!

Whoever tried to visit anyplace with children in Asia knows that it is not hop and go. Actually, being politically correct, you should deal with posing for pictures, setting up children and maintaining relationships. With blond babies, and sometimes even without them, you become the main tourist attraction, even if there are over a thousand years old walls carved with the contents of... Read More
Little about Orissa Interesting places 

Little about Orissa

This place is called Jagannath Puri, or Puri, the land of Jagannatha Essentially, in our tightly defined categories that most often include only the “four major world religions” or simply “our world” and “exoticism” one could conclude that Hinduism prevails in this land as well as in the rest of India. This, however, is a very flattening subject, I would... Read More
Moments from Puri Culture Interesting facts 

Moments from Puri

The city of Puri in the Indian state of Orissa (in the old transcription as Odisha) is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is an Indian Mecca, where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims annually flock. Imagine a marathon in 60-100-200km when you have on your shoulder a ritual stick with pots filled with some substance weighing 4-8kg. And... Read More
Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath Interesting facts 

Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath

Kathmandu is a big city and this is a galery with the pictures from Boudhanath and its region. Boudhanath Sadak – at the entrance to the passage around the great stupa A view from Boudhanath  Tamang Gumba against Boudhanath Boudhanath sale of Ayurvedic herbs Boudhanath reading sutras in public  Boudhanath students on truancy? View from Boudhanath Boudhanath – this nun is always... Read More