10 Ayurvedic ways to speed up metabolism

10 Ayurvedic ways to speed up metabolism

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, overweight is associated with the advantage of Kapha dosha.

Overweight of the body strengthens the Kapha trait, and in turn building, Kapha leads to overweight. Thus, a return to balance requires some effort and actions directed towards the opposite – towards the light, focus, heat, dryness, mobility, roughness, fluidity, subtlety.

Practice yoga every day

Yoga is an incredibly powerful practice that brings benefits to the body, spirit, and mind. Starting the morning with a few minutes of yoga is the basis for a balanced and successful day, without being influenced by unnecessary stress and unhealthy whims. All you need is a daily 15 minutes.

Avoid eating between meals

If you really feel that you should have something to eat, have carrots, tomatoes, or raisins on hand – find something you like.

Don’t eat solid foods once a month

Basically, everyone can, once a month, take on a diet for just one day. Only fluids, to regain the body’s lightness and become independent from the chewing process. During this diet, fruit and vegetable juices, milk, fluid yogurts, and water are allowed.

Chew ginger half an hour before a meal

This is a traditional way of lighting a digestive fire. About 30 minutes before lunch or dinner, take a piece of fresh ginger, salt with a pinch of salt, sprinkle with two drops of lime and a bit of honey.

Physical activity

Exercise at least three times a week. It can be running, aerobics, walking, cycling … It should be something that you really like and give you energy.

Massage the body with sesame oil and then lie in the sun

Over time, accumulated fat or fatty tissue begins to harden, making it harder to remove. Sesame oil helps penetrate the microchannels of the skin and increases circulation in the subcutaneous tissue, thus supporting metabolism and toxin removal. An independent massage should be performed for 15-30 minutes in a warm room, and then the body should be exposed to the moderate sun. Cover your head with a hat and stay in the sun till you feel comfortable, then rest for 10 minutes in the shade and take a warm shower.

Take a hot, salt bath once a week

Swelling in various parts of the body may hinder the removal of toxins, especially from the lymphatic system, which is associated with the accumulation of the water element in the body – Kapha dosha. The bath once a week in hot saltwater helps to get rid of toxins through the sweat glands. The body – except the head – should be in water till you feel comfortable warm and sweat. After bathing, you should wear warm clothes so the removing of toxins by sweat glands for working for about half an hour more.

Massage body with Triphala powder

Triphala powder is one of the best ayurvedic agents with a wide range of applications. Its ability to break down toxins is very useful in reducing body fat throughout the body. A handful of powder should be taken with a warmed hand and spread on the chosen area of ​​the body, stroking the hair. Continue for 45 minutes and then brush the body, also under the hair.

Triphala – is an Ayurvedic formula consisting of three fruits – bibhitaki, haritaki, and amla, which helps cleanse the body and nourish the nervous and digestive systems.

Drink hot water

One of the simplest and cheapest, and at the same time very effective methods of accelerating metabolism is drinking clean hot water. During cooking, you can add a few spices such as ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, or black pepper. Pure green tea is also very good, but drunk too often can cause extreme hunger.

Drink tea made of herbs such as Indian bay leaf (tej patta), leaves of mint. coriander and tulsi .

Add 2 tbsp of honey to the glass of this herbal tea. Drink this tea regularly every day.

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