We live in a hotel called Sunrise Hotel…

Where we got to know the owner of the hotel and his big family.

The hotel is situated in the village called Bhedetar which is on one of the mountains next to the city Dharan. This place is very beautiful. You can see roads spreading around hills like ribbons. And the sunset is so amazing.

There is only one big minus; it’s cold and our family doesn’t like cold. We like hot places like Tamil Nadu.

Last few days there was a rain and a very big wind. Once even a storm. But those things usually happen in the evening or night. And not so often. The place lies not far from Dharan. Just half hour by bus.

The only hotel that is there is the hotel we are staying in. Hotel Sunrise run by a big family, kind man and his all relatives.

In the village there are many places to eat. Mostly served are momo and chau chau in different name – chau min. It’s not a big village so there are only shops needed by villagers.

Personaly, I have enjoyed the time I have spent there. In a fresh mountain climate.

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