Breath-hold Championship

Breath-hold Championship

 Yoga – the good old method of psycho-physical Indian culture.

And if all the physical culture as though it is clear – you need as far as possible to train and keep the body in good shape. With the exercise of the psyche, it is not so obvious and clear.

And here in yoga for many thousands of years, it had developed a method of step-wise development of the human body and mind. But the path to understanding the work of the mind is just as difficult as
the mid-western college education.

Stages in classical yoga can be something like this:

1. The moral perfection (stop lying, etc.)
2. Stretching and bodywork
3. Pranayama – breathing art delay and synchronization of breath with movement
4. Work with the consciousness – meditation (the transition to consciousness in dreams)
5. Exit the experience of the world of images in the sky of consciousness – Nirvana

We are not in classical yoga, but sometimes when it is possible, we attend yoga classes. We do not exclude that if there was a good teacher, we would deal with this issue more seriously. But include elements of yoga in current life – it is a good thing and does not require special knowledge.

That’s why we started to organize breath-hold championship in our family.

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