Nepal: Kathmandu post office Travel 

Nepal: Kathmandu post office

Once, I went to the main post office in Kathmandu to send a registered letter to Poland. General Post Office Kathmandu is located at Sundhara Marg not far from the Ratna Park transport hub. The mail hall is spacious, quite similar to the average post office in our country – large halls, several windows, several chairs. The Main Post Office... Read More
From Chennai to Auroville Travel 

From Chennai to Auroville

After arriving in Chennai, – 22nd, by train from Goa –  first things first, we went to check trains to Pondicherry and we got information that the train is only at 6 pm, it goes from other station that is near and the ticket can be bought only 3 hours before departure. As it was around 1 pm we still had... Read More
From Goa to Tamil Nadu Travel 

From Goa to Tamil Nadu

Finally came time to say goodbye to sunny Goa and its beaches. We still had 1 and a half month till our visa finishes but we wanted to travel and do not depend on time. Ticket to Chennai (Chennai Express) 21st December we had a train from Margao to Chennai, in Sleeper class, of course. It wasn’t easy to gain... Read More
Kerala – Karnataka – Goa Travel 

Kerala – Karnataka – Goa

We didn’t stay long in Kerala We bought a sleeper class ticket for the same day at 23 o’clock. Goal – Goa. Destination station for rail travel – Karwar. To Karwar We had to reach the destination at 12.45. Delay was not large. It turned out that Karwar is in Karnataka state not Goa. Itr turned out to be a small... Read More
Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur Interesting facts Interesting places Travel 

Purchase of Tatkal ticket for long distance – In Gorakhpur

I haven’t seen city but I have been on railway station… Outside in the opposite there are mostly hotels that are often very busy. On the road there are also some shops and stands with sugarcane and orange juice. The town has its own university, astronomical observatory, some pretty Islamic architecture, numerous – sometimes very nice – Hindu temples. In... Read More