Celebrating Children’s Day in Krakow

Celebrating Children’s Day in Krakow

We were invited to join the Children’s Day organized by Krakow Culture Center, Podg√≥rze Culture Center on the 5th of July 2021.

As lockdown was not in power by that time there were many different celebrations all over Krakow. We didn’t know what we were invited to and how it will be. It was the celebration of Children’s day.

It happened a week before when we went for a walk to the nearby playground. We met there a man who played boules and showed us how to play it as there was a special place for this. After the trough meeting with him, he invited us there and mom wrote the details where and when the happening is to be.

Saturday was supposed to be a hot day with a short period of occasional rain. So we prepared but wore too warm clothes. Mom informed me that the happening was to be in Solvay she gave me the address and we headed.

The attractions were supposed to start at 11 am, we came there a little bit past 11. We looked around to hear the music and the colors as it was a big if not gigantic parking in front of the big market. And so we heard a woman speaking from the stage and some music. It was just on the front of the building of Solvay Museum which is the opposite of Carrefour. On the way, someone gave us the program inviting us there but we were already on the way.

What does it say?

The Program for June

5th June/Saturday 11am – 3pm

Unknown Travels

Day of Children in CSW Solvay

11am – 12:30pm – Performance hall

  • Prize giving in art contest (about I don’t know much)
  • Fashion show of the participants of the design workshops – (didn’t see that one, might have been inside a building not hearing it from inside)
  • Children’s hit concert, dance show, mini-disco (same here, I know only we were dancing ūüėČ

11:30am – 3pm – Foyer in front of the auditorium

  • Opening of post-competition exhibitions
  • Art workshops / how to make a colorful plume and dream catcher
  • Games and activities from around the world for young and old, play Weykick, Sjoelen, Ladergolf or Cornhole

11am – 3pm – Main Gallery

  • Native American fairy tale adaptation workshops

11am – 3pm – Parking in front of CSW Solvay

  • Family boules tournament “MaŇāy Mistrz 2021”
  • Sports games and activities with prizes
  • Country mini concert, themed competitions, face painting, bubbles
  • Euro-bunge and bouncy castle

Free entrance


The first thing we saw was a big bouncy castle for children with lots of plastic balls to play in. Then there were Indians walking on high sticks. Each of us tried them ourselves. There was a trampoline and bubbles. We could buy popcorn or cotton candy.

There were also simple games with ‘prizes’. So to participate we had to take a piece of paper for each child from a woman in orange and write their name. They gave us points while playing games. But of course, it was just for fun so everyone got the same amount of points. Afterward, we gave back the pieces of paper to the same woman wearing orange.

Children could also draw on the ground with colorful chalk and there was a man who painted pictures on the hands of children. Then there was a place to play boules as the man who invited us was there so dad joined him.

At the building

Inside the building, two women were wearing Indian costumes and when the children came they started to tell a tale from Native Americans, and then children could draw, sing and we all played a little theater on the base of the story.

The upstairs of the building there were many, many table games which we didn’t have time to see.

In the meantime, there was music going from the stage periodically interrupted by a woman who advertised the whole happening and reminded all present that soon there will be a prize-giving.

So, at some point, my friend took me dancing, and then dad joined. We danced for more than 5 minutes but sadly no one was brave enough to join the party besides a young, very young girl who joined us in dancing and the woman who was hosting the happening. We all just jumped and ran around hopping, jigging, and twirling in the rhythm of the music.

Receiving prizes

The moment we went of the ‘stage’ it was announced that the prizes will be given. They took all the papers from the woman in orange and brought from the building a very big bag of you know what. They started reading names and everyone got something. We had 3 girls participating so it meant 3 prizes. Happy us! First was Nadia, she received a water bottle. Ania got a game and Katia inflatable sleeves for swimming.

Then, we headed home with our friend who lives not far from us.
It was very fun! For adults too!

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