Chiraito: Nepalese remedy for most ailments

Chiraito: Nepalese remedy for most ailments

Chiraito in Latin – Swertia chirata

From ancient times, it was one of the most reliable medicines in the mountain and high-mountain regions of Nepal. Used in many ailments, it was one of the most frequently used ingredients in many medications.

Herb is widely used in traditional Ayurveda medicine as well as in allopathy – means in the methods of Western medicine.

Registered medically beneficial features of this herb:

  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • anti-asthma
  • affecting the central nervous system controls the appearance of depressive states
  • controls the level of sugar in the blood
  • has antimicrobial activity
  • supports blood purification
  • it is a proven laxative
  • used in stomach pains, constipation
  • used in excessive urination
  • if you need to stimulate your liver
  • in the treatment of parasites and malaria
  • in traditional proceedings in cases of cancer


The plant is found in the high mountains and hills of Nepal, both in wooded areas and on open slopes between 1,800 and 3,000 m.n.p.m. A single chiraito specimen usually reaches a height of 1 meter. There are 29 chiraito species in Nepal. The active substance present in the plant is called chiratin.

Chiraito is considered a species vulnerable to extinction by IUCN – the International Union of Conservation of Nature. The unauthorized collection of this herb in wild regions is forbidden by the government of Nepal.

Chiraito is legally grown in municipal forests and in private areas in the eastern hilly regions of Nepal. The most common in production is the variety in Latin name of Swertia chiravita.

Price and export

Herb chiraito has also quickly become an important export article of Nepal. The current market price of the mountain herb is 700 Rs per kilogram.

The greatest interest in the purchase of this product is shown by customers from abroad. Nepal is a supplier of 50% of the total world amount of this herb. In its raw, dried form, the plant is exported to Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

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