Complications in railways, from Santiniketan to Gaya

Complications in railways, from Santiniketan to Gaya

All day I have spend on packing and getting ready.

Our Russian friends came in the evening to say goodbye. It was one woman with her nephew. We had spend this time together talking, sharing and playing games but because he had to go to school next day, they were obligated to go early home. So 8 o’clock we had to wait for the owners of our house. Till they came I had time to take care of a mess. When they came we were 100% ready to go. Our friends came at 9:30 p.m. Train departure was 12 in the night. So we had got some time to talk. They have looked at the state of house, we have set up all costs and headed to the train station. I had looked at the house for a last time. There were not many memories but sometimes I can feel the feeling of ‘all the time moving’.

We found an auto and it was not very easy because of quiet late time. We said goodbyes to our friend and reached the train station with tired expression on our faces. Like every train in India it had to be late at least 1 hour. It didn’t bother us. As travelers we are ready for everything.

So the train came at 1 am. There everyone fell asleep but not me. I was getting started with my new book, friend gave me. So maybe after 2 hours I went to sleep.

I had woke up at 9 am and then finished my book. It was about spiders. Then, I remember, we crossed one city where my mom told me that it was half of the way to Gaya and she told me that we were suppose to be in Gaya 10 am which was impossible because it was 10 am.

So we started to ask people when will we be in Gaya and they were saying that in the evening. So when the evening came we still weren’t there and we got little worried. At last we got to know that this train didn’t go to Gaya which was very disappointing. We took our bags and went out of a train in some city we didn’t know. We headed to office and started to ask about the train to Gaya. Our ticket was suppose to take us to Gaya and no one told us that it was with changing trains. Even when we showed it to the office men they didn’t tell us, they told us that the train will come and they will tell us. They even asked us nicely to move out of their office. So we did wait for them to tell us about the train. It was suppose to be after 10 minutes but of course it wasn’t. At last they told us where to go and we finally had our train to Gaya. We didn’t bother to find our place, we just sat down in the first free place and then came the conductor. He looked at our ticket and concluded that this is the wrong train and wrong place where we should be. He told us that there was this city we should have went out of a train 10 am.

Remember when I told you that my mom said about being in the half way, so it was there. The all problem was that they didn’t put it correctly on the ticket. It was in Hindi, in English too but not correctly.

In strait: We had to change train 10 am but we didn’t know it. No one told us. Exactly no one. And we didn’t have enough language skills.

The conductor told us that we have to buy another ticket but he didn’t came. So it took another 3 hours and finally we were there but still there was one more move to the guest house. Our point was Kundam Bazar. When we reached the place with auto we had stand for at least half hour in front of the door. It was already 1:30 am. No one was coming to open the door.  I think they were sleeping but it was so funny because it looked like the house was in some sleeping curse.

We still had our lovely Tara Guest House. So we went there. There we had similar situation but not for long. The elder grandma of house had open the door and woke up her son, owner of house. We waited for 10 minutes and we found ourselves in a nice worm room.

You can do whatever you want but your destiny will always find a way to come.  😉

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