Cremation in India and Nepal

Cremation in India and Nepal

The traditions

Traditions of funerals are different all around the world. We buried dead people, in Tibet they give them to vultures, in India they mostly burn them, sometimes they bury, and sometimes they just let them into the Ganges. By the way mummified are always the rich and famous ones. In Tibet only high lamas and in Egypt pharaohs. Everywhere in different ways, but what is so shocking in the ritual of burning bodies in India and Nepal? Well, of course, beeing not used to it. It is customary for us to do everything as quietly and as civilized as possible. This is done by experts and after we get ash in the pot. There is no guarantees that this is the right ash, but our nervous system is at peace. But in India and Nepal there are also electric crematoria, where the bodies of the poor are burned. Those who have a family in abundance, those are burned in the old radition. The shock of our people is only from the unusualines to the fact that the body is bured in sight.

In India it is believed that if you follow the traditions of ancestors, this is the best way to be born again in a good family.

We often met with cremation rituals. Usually cremations are made in large Hindu temples. In the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, the biggest bonfires glow in the Pashupatinath Temple – this is the largest and glorious temple complex in the whole Nepal. And in India, it would not be in the last place. This temple is a paradise for monkeys. All the wandering sadhu gather there. They are followers of Shiva culture who live exclusively on alms.

Our story

This temple, among hundreds of sadhu, is the second largest, after Varanasi, cremation ground that was created. We somehow not specially visited these factories for the utilization of perishable bodies. It ridiculously happened so. We walk with the kids around the city and see on the hill something like a area for Sunday (in case of Nepal – Saturday) rest of the local public. We went up the stairs, played with monkeys, went further and suddenly we smell fried meat. We got hungry. And as it turned out, this was the smell the wind blew from the fires of the crematorium. We made the video, and then laughed and joked, whether it’s worth writing about such naughty nuances.


Below in the video, you will see the Ganga embankment, where the biggest bonfires are blazing. The fires are always burned next to an electric crematorium, where those who can not spend several thousand dollars on the burning ritual fire are burned. And since the most spectacular shots can be received only in the evening, we did not manage to shoot a lot in Varanasi. In Kathmandu was a very beautiful panorama of the fireplace. But the most effective was cremation in a Buddhist temple in Pokhara, a resort town in Nepal. There are only two minutes of the movie, but the process where the body is burnt is very clearly seen, and relatives are having a fun conversation just next to it. They gave the llamas money and they treat all present with gifts. We also received.

Also, we accidentally managed to make video of the Indian ceremony of farewell to the dead. By the way this video is very popular in our video collection.

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Funeral in Nepal – Burying body


Funeral in India – Goodbyes with father, grandfather, brother and boss in the village


Pashuatinath Temle – Hindu Temple in Kathmandu


Walk on the shore of the crematorium – Varanashi


Evening walk 2 – Varanashi


Pashupatinath Temple – Kathmandu

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