Donbass — Rozy and life in Nepal

Donbass — Rozy and life in Nepal

I think, that you, dear reader, naturally raised the question of what the photo has in common with the title. I am going to explain. This photo was taken in the center of Kathmandu in the Tamel region at one of the many temples. I sat down at the temple sadhu (holy man) and we took a picture together. He is so colorful, painted, but in fact, it’s only a young overage pupil or just a common clown earning on tourists.

Why, so…

It is so that there are people striving for excellence, but there are those who concentrate all their desires on earnings. And naturally, in any case, holy people need to be fed, that is, to give a penny to maintain life in his body. I gave him 10 rupees and he looked very suspiciously at these 10 rupees. I understood him, but anyway I sat down and took picture. When I got up, he politely asked for 100 rupees for a colorful memory with an overseas wonder. I said that 10 was enough. Although ten days ago I gave 500 rupees to another sadhu who was real, real. Video with this real holy man can be seen below in the second video. How are these sadhus different? The one that on the photo is clearly a clever person as he is able to earn money and advertise himself. And the one that is in the video at the bottom of the page, that man is wise. And in order to recognise the clever from the wise, one must be both clever and wise.

Moving from a hotel to a rented flat

So, continuing my explanation, I will explain the relationship between the first video and the picture with this colorful intelligent “sadhu” clown. We arrived in Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal), settled in a hotel, two stars with plus and TV, for 1000 Nepalese rupees for a two-room suite with two single beds and one bedroom. It is not at all expensive, but there are no miracles there either. Everything is simple, clean and every day cleaning at wish. The water is cold and we did not take shower completely for several days. I will say right away that I do not suffer from a complex of hygiene, but children need to have a shower. And if they began to sneeze and on the street is + 2 – + 5 at night, and in Nepal heating is only in super luxurious, it is not recommended to wet children in a cold water. Although the blankets are thick and warm. In general, we decided to find a private place to warm water and cook on our own. This is for tourist arriving for a month, calculating all the expenses can safely live by calculation, and we have been living in Asia for three years and are preparing very tasty food at home (where we are, there is our home).

We found and moved into a new three-room apartment for 800 rupees, it turned out that while the weather was not expected to improve. So we bought a 550 rupee coffee machine with two plates for heating food and an electric saucepan for 1600 rupees, we yearned for the “warm and thick” blankets of the hotel. We already spent the winter in Nepal and knew that it will not be warm at +2. But the first time we had a whole house on Metlang and there we were warm with warm blankets and gas kitchen. Now we are in absolutely empty rooms. So we had to sew mattresses. Wadded did not want to take. Firstly, we would need to take 6 pieces at once for each member of the family, and this is at least 4000-5000 rupees for easy and simple ones and 8000-10000 for more soft.

Therefore, I found a soft insulating material of the mat type, 2 cm thick, and put them on the floor. The bedroom came out wonderful. There were two mattresses of the same size 2.5 x 1.34m. Immediately on the spot, I got covers and, for my joy, I managed all at 2650 rupees. I had to haggle in order not to offend. The fact is that in Asia, prices are floating and money is valued on as much as satisfaction from the transaction. But what for one is expensive, for another is a penny. Therefore, if you do not bargain, the seller might think that you are rich and could give more without too much trouble. Therefore, tourists usually get bigger prices.

The owner of the house, the owner of the shop and the artist of the Buddhist icons (tank) gave us a vacuum cleaner, 3 tables, 6 chairs, several plates for soup and something else. In general, we settled quickly and not bad, but we did not want to buy expensive blankets for a month or two. And so throughout India and Nepal, we have our belongings. Therefore, we sleep as dressed as all decent average Nepalese, not of royal blood. Kids know both heat of hot India and Nepalese winter, and I know the Tibetan medicine, for  20 years and myself already I feel that-where-when. Therefore, I am not afraid of the cold, although I prefer +36 at night than +15.

Donbass – Rozy

And then I woke up in the morning of 10th of February 2018, I felt the need to somehow dispel the stickiness of the body. And we arranged a small show for the warm-up on the theme of the Ukrainian band Dakh Daughters “Rozy / Donbass”. And when I was making the video, I remembered this colorful clown from the temple on Tamel. He is the same pop-punk in the style as our creation. Pops and such a moving))) But we got well warmed up!

After three years in Asia, I learned one thing, you should not listen to people telling tales of love and brotherhood. In any case, they are self-serving. Or they want to use you and take your money or drag you into their flock. Religion and politics (party) are one and the same.

Wrote by: Eduard Volkov
Translated by: Maja Volkov

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