Fast – 21 days

Fast – 21 days

Fast is an excellent cure. It can cure most of the body illnesses. Therefore afterward you will feel light and healthy. On another hand, it is the best way to lose a lot of weight. I have seen so many ads about a miracle, thanks to which you will lose 20kg in a week. Or any diet and exercise plans that give you the minimal outcome. In many of those is written how hard it is. But this is an end of those tales.

As most of us know, the religious fasts when you aren’t supposed to eat something, meat, for example. Originally these were made to make you feel light in body and mind.

To get any results and go through you need strong will and discipline. This also means gaining power upon your body and its wishes. An ordinary human is weak and even one day without eating can be hard or moreover impossible for him.

My father used to do fasts, some of them were to finish with cigarettes. He would not eat until he stopped smoking. His longest fast was 28 days long.

To start drinking water and gain effects, first you need to get ready.

Week 1

We decided to start it slowly. We ate raw vegetables, mostly salad made with tomato and cucumber. Sometimes some fruits, milk and tea.

Tea is not good to drink as it makes your digestion go slower. So avoid anything that is slowing down your digestion. As my father doesn’t much care and likes tea he didn’t look at that fact.

This preparation before the week of drinking water is not only to prepare our mind but also to get rid of everything in your stomach. If you immediately start drinking water, it will not give you effects because your body will start feeding on leftovers of your digestion system.

In the end of the week, I was planning, that the next week will be the water week but a funny thing happened that changed my plans.

My father went with my sister on a bike to a neighboring city. We were lack of honey so I called him to buy it. After 1 hour he came back. He didn’t bring honey but curd (yogurt). In our language, it sounds so similar that he overheard. We blamed destiny for that accident and continued next week with eating curd.

Week 2

Once in a day – at evening – we ate curd with jaggery (Indian sugar made of sugarcane), honey, and spices like cardamom, mustard, fennel and others.

Our smell detectors got stronger and we missed different tastes. So we decided to eat watermelon and spit it only getting juice. We did it with other fruits too. The best was pineapple as it has a lot of juice.

One day we went outside in a yard not far from our house, to play games. We were unlucky as we decided to go when it was very hot. Not afraid of the sun, with belly half empty, we went to get sweaty. We played badminton with mom, Katia was busy with jumping rope, Nadia and Ania ran around with a ball and dad made movies of us. After around 30 minutes of unfortunate playing, I lied down on the grass with a cover of sweat. We were much quicker drained of energy than usual.

To get better results on clearing stomach you can eat one ayurvedic tablet that have really strong effects. You eat it at the evening and if you are lucky the effect comes in the morning, if you are not, then whole night you go round about to the toilet and back with a pain in the belly. But it clears everything, from all the corners, that had left through the month or more.

So finally came Sunday and I had to make it clear:

“Today we only drink and tomorrow we start with water.”

Important: do not taste the food, even with your tongue as it disturbs body’s program of using your fat to feed. If you do so, your organism switches from taking fats to normal. And it will take long to go back.

Week 3

Day 1 – Everything feels normal, I’m not hungry. Water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Of course, we like to make life easier and more interesting so sometimes, we added peppermint and lemon juice to the water which made a colossal difference when you drink only plain water.

Day 2 – On the second day, I start to feel first symptoms. I get easily tired and I start to feel *weak.

My parents added that from time to time they felt pain in head or feel of vomiting.

*Weak – if I could run, this time I would walk very, very slowly to avoid getting tired. If I’m lying on a bed I don’t want to stand up as it makes a big deal of effort. I’m very calm and can’t get too emotional therefore I’m not getting angry and do not shout.

Day 3 – Sometimes when I stand up or make a sudden move my head starts to spin. It is a quite funny phenomenon. I sleep 10 – 14 hours a day. I’m very weak. I have no desire to move.

Day 4 – Slowly the symptom of being weak is letting down. I’m still lazy but I can stand up, not getting tired.

Day 5 – I feel almost normal, only tired. I still sleep a lot and get spinning head, but not that often.

I tried to study but after few minutes I found myself sleeping. The writing also didn’t go well. I had no inspiration and no desire.

Day 6 – Sixth day is already feeling normal. Still, there are all the symptoms but they are like a small pick you are used to.

Day 7 – So excited that I would sleep a whole day to just make the Monday come faster.

My parents – as their old tradition says – have not resisted and ate at the last day. At first they decided not to, but somehow it happened to be a Christian celebration that day. Our friend made a feast to witch my parents left to let my sisters enjoy. And so my father looking at the table full of different dishes, has not resisted the greatly prepared shark in curry.

After the fast you should start with eating something small. A lot of food can waste your hard work and effort. After few drops of the food you can feel the big difference and energy going through you.

After my first fast I was so full of energy that I wanted to do anything that can stretch and warm up my body like exercises. In next few days I was so eager to do all the work I should do to use all that energy.

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