From Dharan to Pokhara – Bus

From Dharan to Pokhara – Bus

Finally we decided to leave Bhedetar and head to Pokhara.

The bus we bought sits in was going trough all Nepal from Dharan to Pokhara. And it meant 14 hours of journey with very small breaks. One sit costs 1170 Rs. So we took 4 sits for 4400 Rs with small discount.

I have to bring up one thing. On the ticket there was written that we will have free wifi. But we didn’t. So whenever you see written anything free, make sure that it isn’t written there only to get your attention.

The bus departure was at 4pm but we were suppose to be there 3:30pm. So we woke up early in the morning, packed and got ready. By the 12 we were already in a van going to Dharan. It took us maybe like half hour to get there. Our way was going down from mountain so we had a really good view.

On a bus station everyone went to eat something expect me, I left to read a book. After 3 hours we got to know that we were on the wrong bus station like everyone else. We had to take auto and pay 80 Rs. But before no one has told us about this need. So we were kind frustrated that they used the opportunity to withdraw some many from us. In the end my dad gave the driver of riksaw 50Rs without any negotiations. For Nepali people it’s weird, almost funny, why white turist doesn’t want to pay given them price… “but they always have so much of many”… Which isn’t always true, as we know.

So we went into a bus surprised that there were only sits, no beds like last time. Last bus we were in had sits and beds that were above sits. We organized everything and waited for departure. Some of us fell asleep and some were just admiring beauty of nature. Children were mostly playing. In the night everybody went to sleep.

When the very early morning came, it was still dark, we recognized the city. Bus started to stop each few kilometers to let out people. We had wait till bus station came and there we came out. Waited for a while, and took a taxi. We had time to drink some chay and to relax after tiring journey.

Then the taxi took us to our friend’s house.

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