From Khulna to Dhaka

From Khulna to Dhaka

When we got to know that at Khulna we can’t make Indian visa we headed to Dhaka.

18th in the morning we started packing. At 12 we left our bags in the office room and went to kill time. We had a bus ticket for 7 pm which meant that we had all day to spend. So we made a walk there and there, drank a juice, a tea and that took rikshaw giving 100 Taka to just wander around. At 6:30 we took bags and went to the bus station. We sat in the waiting room for the whole time, watching a movie on the phone, playing and just waiting. At 9:10 we got informed of a bus. We sat in our 4 places and fell asleep.

On the ship<

The next morning at 7 we sow us standing in one place for long and it turned out that it’s because we are about to cross the river. Sounded exciting. So after 25 minutes of standing, we moved onto the ship. When everything was ready the ship moved and we found ourselves on the water. It was possible to go out of the bus to what’s on a ship. There were many sellers of any kind of food like eggs for 10 takas or popcorn for 12. There were many buses which made it a little difficult to move. We were on the water for about half an hour. It was fun.


At about 9 am we got to Dhaka. While we went outside the bus a man asked where we are heading and we said hotel. He showed us near one and we went there. It turned out to be a good one.

We ate breakfast and got a room for 900 Taka for one day. Filling all the applications needed for a visa we sat and rested.

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