Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath

Gallery: Kathmandu, Boudhanath

Kathmandu is a big city and this is a galery with the pictures from Boudhanath and its region.

Boudhanath Sadak – at the entrance to the passage around the great stupa

A view from Boudhanath 

Tamang Gumba against Boudhanath

Boudhanath sale of Ayurvedic herbs

Boudhanath reading sutras in public 

Boudhanath students on truancy?

View from Boudhanath

Boudhanath – this nun is always here

Near Boudhanath – girls in Tibetan dresses and Tamang on horseback

Kaito and Masha – a street art Czech-Japanese tandem near Boudhanath

Sale of deciduous vegetables in the Boudhanath area

Boudhanath at night

Baudha – a children’s ride on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti

Blooming trees at Boudha

Monsoon continues – Boudhanath Sadak street

Boudhanath Sadak

Boudhanath Sadak – a banner to celebrate Buddha Jayanti

Chabahil Charumati Vihar – a small stupa on the way to Boudhanath, equally ancient

Chabahil Charumati Vihar

The official gate to Ramhiti … but behind her is only a small fragment of the great settlement

One of the residences on Ramhiti


Amazing bas-reliefs with the women’s association in Ramhiti

You can reach the Ramhiti estate on the north side of Boudanath on the such busik

A descent to Ramhiti

… and the view from the other side – up there, where the yellow plaque is hanging is presented above the alley

On the way from Boudhanath to Kapan

On the way from Boudhanath to Kopan

On the way from Boudhanath to Kopan – meat shop

On the way from Boudhanath to Kopan – a garden over a meat shop

A wicker workshop on Ramhiti

Baskets in wicker workshop on Ramhiti

Ramhiti Tamang estate – view from our balcony

Kathmandu – on the sand

Children of Kathmandu

Sapta Jatra

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