Goan Shark

Goan Shark

The shark was fresh and very small and did not resemble a monster of any Hollywood production … of course, apart from its specific shape of mouth and dorsal fin.

The shark does not scratch, you have to take the skin off it. Here you can see the removal of shark skin and a few other exotic films …

Our host recommended preparing it in a Goan style – with a coating in chilli or hot masala, but we stayed with the pepper (black). If you would like it in a Goan way, you need to add masala to the breadcrumbs.

Half a kilogram of shark (about three servings):

shark meathalf kg
salt1 flat spoon
chili/chili masalabig pinch
pepper1 tea spoon
nutmegsmall pinch
lemon juice2 spoon
  1. Heads went for chickens.
  2. Shark in the breadcrumbs given above goes to the fridge for an hour.
  3. I’ve fried on golden hot oil. They came out special.

I served with tomato and rice and a tomato-pepper-cucumber-onion salad. Whatever you give to it, it must have a salad, especially if it’s very spicy.

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